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What kind of web site is most appropriate for your company?

In today’s business world where customers appear online first before making purchase decisions. Yet surprisingly, half of small businesses don’t have a website, based on research by Google.

Company owners mentioned a variety of reasons for lacking a web site, from too little time to create one to a stress and expense, they wouldn’t have the capacity to contend with the added demand a web site might generate.

“Too generally companies have sites without clear actions for the visitor to take – submitting an enquiry, organizing a meeting, reserving a screening, etc. Before a web site is built by any company owner they should inquire what they really need the user to do on their web site. Small business sites become conceit jobs.”

So what type of websites can be found, what are they appropriate for, and how can you pick the best choice for the company?

Landing page website

These one page sites are great for one off jobs or smaller efforts as they usually have a lot less content on them.

The disadvantage of this really is that small businesses are restricted by it on the quantity of info while they do have a visual attractiveness and they're able to share, one page sites challenge to attain high search engine positions.

Jerome Tan, General Manager of Bike Bear Web Design Agency says: A landing page is regularly added to a current web site to convey one message to an individual group of individuals. For instance, giving them an exclusive or welcoming visitors from another website offer. However, landing page websites are an increasingly popular option for those who are running a time-restricted occasion, for example concert or a seminar.”

Portfolio website

A portfolio website is another step on from an one page website. As the name implies, they're designed to showcase an array of work from companies like architects, photographers or designers.

Portfolio websites are primarily designed to supply leads for the company, so should contain a contact page that enables prospective customers to send an e-mail direct to the company or contact details.

Info website

Not all companies must sell from their sites. For some, the site has become what it has to offer in a way that is clear and sharp and the firm’s on-line pamphlet allowing potential customers to find out more about the business.

Because they are able to include an extensive variety of pages which could rate for terms applicable to the market tips abundant websites prosper in the Google search results. Popular platform for example WordPress enable the firm incorporate other types of content including video and to continuously update its advice.

Additionally it is meant to raise brand awareness although it doesn't have the functionality to make a purchase and deliver new leads into the company. These websites can be extremely strong if the company is seeking lead generation through its web site, says digital advertising supervisor of website service agency, Dominic Tan. It doesn’t sell online, but individuals are motivated to fill in forms call back.” or to request a demo

E-commerce website

This can be the only option for those desiring to sell online. E-commerce sites let customers search for an item and finish a purchase trade that is total with no need for human intervention. In addition, it enables a brand tell its story and to showcase its character.

Our company needs to change with tendencies, and constructing a static website that needs a web developer to make every change and each only doesn’t make commercial sense.”

For apparatus, it seems sensible with an increasing quantity of purchases coming through mobile devices to be designed so which they recognise just how a user is getting the website and present the information correctly.

We were restricted to technology and the choices offered by the time. We assembled all of the attributes we could and that technology and new ideas are accessible we've upgraded the attributes.”

An E-commerce web site may require a greater initial investment when compared to a site that is more straightforward and is more complicated to construct and handle. On the other hand, the advantages of selling online mean you'll be able to create a constant flow of sales.

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