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How To Prevent Yourself From Identity Theft

by Ravi Kumar Gupta (writer), , August 23, 2016

College students lead a carefree life. All they need to worry about is studies and enjoyment with their fellows.

College students lead a carefree life. All they need to worry about is studies and enjoyment with their fellows. This is what makes them most vulnerable against the terrible crimes such as identity theft. They could be a victim of identity theft very easily because students tend to pay less attention towards these serious issues. They do not understand the importance of monitoring their personal data and securing it against all possible threat. This is the main reason that criminals in this field target them in the first place.

If you are a student, studying in any corner of the world, you also could be a target of something serious such as identity theft. Hence, it is your responsibility to be completely aware of this scenario and take the required steps to avoid it. Your security is in your hands as long as you follow the right steps to prevent your identity.

Here is everything that you need to know to prevent student identity theft:

Keep an eye on all your documents and their storage center

Whether you have hard copies of your personal data/documents or hard copy of the same, you need to ensure that it is stored in a safe place. You can buy an electronic safe as well as you can put them on a reliable cloud source. In both the cases, keep a check that all the documents are in place and no one has tried to temper with them. For the cloud storage, always choose a credible platform, where complete safety is assured to your documents. Always pick passwords, which are hard to guess so that no one can cause harm to your sensitive data.

No public computers for transactions involving personal details

The most common source for the hackers and identity thieves is public computers. This is where they get most of the victims from. Therefore, do no use public computers for financial transactions, shopping, where your bank details are required or sharing of personal information via emails.

In fact, avoid sharing your personal data over unsecure wireless network available. This could be a trap and you might end up falling in a huge trouble.

Scrutinize your existing documents carefully

Whether your bank details or your other transactions involving personal aka identity information, each one of these needs to be reviewed from time to time. Take out time, sit and securitize every detail to ensure that no data tempering has happened.

Stay aware of social media

The identity thieves also try to reach out to people via easy mediums such as social media. Do not entertain friend requires, which are from unknown people. It is always recommended to add people to your social media circle, whom you know personally or the ones, who could be trusted for having a credible identity.

Do not fall prey to lucrative schemes

There are various online schemes, which are lucrative enough to catch your attention. In return of huge lottery offer, they take your identity and this might turn around your entire life towards hell. Life is difficult when you are prey of any such activity.


If you find any suspicious activity, which may lead to tempering of your personal data or identity theft, do not sit quite. Report immediately! Do not hold back your voices. Go out, talk to the authorities and report what has happened. It will save you against the troublesome circumstances of anything happening against you. There are experts and cells dealing with these crimes. They are always available to support people who are falling victim to the same. Therefore, whenever you are stuck in any such unfortunate situation, go out and ask for help.

Identity theft is a serious crime and countless victims fall prey to it. Awareness and taking suitable steps to prevent it is the only way to get out of this. Do not trust on anyone who is new to your life and always be vigilant towards people. This attitude towards life would save you against huge crimes, which could be troublesome against you.

It is always better to have preventions than regret later. Hence follow the above mentioned preventive matters and lead a life free from any type of victimization.

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