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How has American shopping changed?

by kk01011991 (writer), , August 22, 2016

This is about the shift bfrom offline shopping to online shopping

American consumerism is all about shopping but more specifically women’s shopping, which is done mostly by women. It is to be noted that most women, especially most women with families shop for everybody, but they also shop for themselves. Shopping- online or manual, forms a massive support for the American economy. Shopping has also changed in a major way; especially with the advent of online shopping. Online shopping is big everywhere, but the US economy has supported online consumerism far longer than any other place. Shopping- especially women’s shopping, i.e., shopping for clothes, jewellery or other luxuries or necessities, has evolved with the acceptance of international fashion choices. European brands especially figures in a huge way, in American women’s and men’s shopping currently.

Almost a decade after recession, the shopping scene has America has bounced back, especially with the help of virtual and social media. But most importantly, the US also stands as an example to many other countries, which have begun taking the shopping seriously. It has obviously been understood, with America’s example that online shopping, especially with access, can be bring in a very healthy stream of revenue. Americans are showing a new attitude to shopping; they are fully giving into experimentation. They are not afraid to try out overseas shopping or even travelling for shopping. These were among the findings of a ground-breaking study, done in June, by the Consumer Reports National Research Centre did a study in June, which examined if consumers were able to get over the effects of recession. And they found positive results.According to the study, 1,006 representative Americans show that people are now in the market for luxury and fashion shopping. They will say yes to lucrative, productive or even indulgent shopping- in a way that was not possible even five years ago. Young America are apparently smarter and yet experimental about daily and exclusive shopping The youth consumption is also a major revenue draw, in any economy; it is mainly due to the impressive growth of communications. The word of mouth spreads incredibly fast.

Monetary concerns, still obviously exist. The purchases differ, according to income and age. Fashion shopping is more common with the upper middle classes; shopping for automobiles, housings, furniture or even substantial properties. Shopping, especially fashion shopping has seen some very significant progress in revenue and tastes. The rise in women’s income and also female employment has contributed in a massive way to the growth in American shopping. But one of the most important growths have taken place in the urban youth; this progress is irrespective of class or income. Youngsters from lower middle classes too invest in fashion and fashion consumerism forms a major part of their savings and income plan. This change has obviously been noticed by financial experts. There have been steps taken to improve consumerism, so as to customize demand and to increase revenue. A number of surveys have been conducted in order to solidify online consumerism, especially cost-cutting steps, to raise the universal appeal of basic and fashion consumerism. International sites, not just mainstream ones, but also newer online portals are profiting incredible, especially if they have reasonable access and rates. Some even offer money off coupons to lure customers.

American shopping has gone up to a different dimension, especially because of easier customization and communication practises. With the growth of social media, fashion awareness is on a tremendous rise, among all classes and ages. The American consumerism and international brands are focussing on this communication growth, when it comes to selling and promoting. Consumers too are keen on taking risks, if the results are worth it; most of them are not afraid to try out new ways to upgrade the shopping experience. The change in the global shopping scene has brought about a major change in consumerist attitudes and demands.

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