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How to Find a Reputable Accident Lawyer

by Justin Carlos (writer), Kolkata, August 22, 2016

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How to Find a Reputable Accident Lawyer

Getting into a car accident (or any accident, really) can be a real pain in you-know-where. It messes up your plans and means you have to spend the next few hours talking to police officers & accident

Whilst this can be a drag, it is also vital you don’t cut corners and you do everything by the book. So many people end up with dodgy lawyers that don’t have their best interests at heart and so they end up getting less compensation then they deserve. Here’s how to ensure you end up with the best attorney to suit your needs.

The Big No-No!

Television and magazine adverts can be a great way to learn about services in any industry, but it doesn’t mean you should pick one at random because they know their way around Photoshop and cobbled together a passable advert. Picking a good car accident lawyer is a complicated endeavor and so you can’t possibly hope to find the one right for you by seeing it briefly in between episodes of Breaking Bad (for those people without Netflix, of course).


The best way for a law firm to get business is to keep their clients happy so that they tell other people about them and voila, free advertising. Ask your friends and family who have been in a similar situation and find out if they can recommend anyone. You will need to make sure that they have a positive experience, which is easy by checking whether their attorney was attentive to their needs, kept constant contact, and whether they were passionate.


Once you’ve asked around, it’s time to do some research. If you’re lucky you will have a shortlist of potential firms that sound promising for you case. This might seem like a lot of work, but when it comes to legal stuff like this, you really need the best; otherwise you are setting yourself up for disappointment and discontent.

  • The first thing to check is whether the firm has had enough experience in your type of case. Firms will specialize in specific aspects of law and so if a firm is more interested in a different type of law, then find a more specialized firm that deals in auto or personal injury.
  • Whenever you’re hiring anyone to do anything, you need to check their credentials. When it comes to lawyers you need to check for board certifications, legal awards, and most telling: peer recommendations, because if another law firm says they’re good, then you are onto a winner.
  • A good lawyer will be able to tell you their communication policy. The main issue with a lot of lawyers is that they won’t answer your calls and emails. Ask at the initial meeting what their policy is and they should be able to assure you that they respond to all communications within 24/48 hours etc.

That’s my tips for finding the perfect lawyer. Remember you’re not looking for a best friend; you’re looking for a legal expert who has your best interests in mind, so it’s not always good to trust your gut instinct. Find someone who will get the job done.

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