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Revealing Common Delusions Related to the Fabric Sofa Set

by Ashok Kumar (writer), Jaipur, August 19, 2016

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Fabric Sofa Set

The sofa set is an essential part of everyone’s decor and to keep it updated, you tend to follow all tricks and tactics to protect it, but are you aware of delusions and facts? Read to get more.

“A fabric sofa is difficult to maintain and are quite a headache. Get a standard sofa that will consume less time, and will stay intact for years.” You would have heard such suggestions from some of your acquaintances while discussing about getting a new sofa set. Are they correct? Do you believe in all those suggestions? If not, then you are at the perfect destination to get updated about the most common delusions related to a fabric sofa set. These sofa sets are the most beautiful and comfortable sets that are available in the commercial market. By deploying these units, you can save yourself from the extra effort for the decoration of the sofa set.

The misconceptions regarding these magnificent units are more popular than the product itself. These sets are also known by their alias ‘upholstery’. Below listed are a few myths unveiled so that you can decide for yourself if these are optimal for your area or not. The list goes as:

Expensive Fabrics are Durable

Not really! The fabrics such as the silks and the damasks are quite expensive but won’t be able to withstand the regular use of Indian households. On the other hand, the least expensive fabric such as the nylon and olefin are probably the most durable ones.

Stain Repellents are Useless and Should not be Used

This is the most silliest of all. A fluorochemical treatment will considerably reduce staining the makes the cleaning process much easier than before. Although these stain repellents do not make the fabric durable,not all of them come with manufacturer’s guarantee. Even the stains of all kinds are not covered by these stain repellents, but proper coverage of the fabric is ensured. However, this is an appropriate step for preventing the stains on the alluring set that you own.

The More Cushiony It Looks, the More Comfort is Guaranteed

In the earlier days, this concept could be helpful while finalising the sofa set, but nowadays with the introduction of the new and different types of foams, the selection process has become quite difficult. The best of sofas available use an elastic feeling underlay. As the methods and the materials used for manufacturing a fabric sofa set has transformed drastically, the selection can never be done merely on the basis of the outlook. You’ll be needed to do a proper research for the same.

Fabrics Cause Diseases

This is not at all to be trusted. The fabric does attract dust particles that create issues for the people having allergies. This does not mean that fabrics are responsible for any kind of disease. Some fabric sofa covers can be removed and cleaned which is quite a relief for the dust allergic individuals.

Hope this write-up has guided you enough, and now you’ll be able to distinguish between facts and the myths.

Have a nice refurbishing time and be aware!

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