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Impress your Guy with these gifts in the Summer

by simeon versatile (writer), , August 19, 2016

Finding difficult to choose gifts for your male partner for the summer ? Well here is an interesting article that will give you best gift ideas for Summer !

Gifts to Get Your Guy This Summer

Some guys are just difficult to buy gifts for. Others make it easy to find the perfect gift. It just depends on the type of personality your guy has.

When it comes to personalities, there is a prominent theory amongst psychologists that certain factors determine your personality. Those factors form traits, and the most common factors are bundled into a group called the Big Five personality traits. See if you can spot which of the Big Five your man falls under, and we’ll pair it with the perfect gift to get your guy this summer.

Big Trait #1: Openness to Experience

As wikipedia tells it, people who are considered “open to experience” exhibit a tendency towards appreciation of art, adventure, unusual ideas, and a variety of experience.

The Perfect Gift:Skydiving. If experience is what they’re after, then there’s no greater thrill or rush of adrenaline than jumping from a plane that’s flying at around 13,000 feet in the air. It’s got everything an adventure seeker wants - a mental and physical challenge, an amazing story to tell.

Skydiving services have improved safety and the numbers show that skydiving is less likely to result in death than driving a car. If you want to up the experience, many skydiving services will offer a premium package where your tandem dive will be filmed by a third jumper.

Big Trait #2: Conscientiousness

The conscientious type is Mr. Dependable. They’re dependable people, tending to be organized, and show self-discipline. Punctuality rings loud when you think of the up-and-at-’em type that gets things done on time.

The Perfect Gift: A Laser Gun Alarm Clock. This is a gift the conscientious type will appreciate. And they’re fun. Imagine that when their alarm clock rings, instead of just hitting swiping right on their phone, they have to pick up a laser gun and shoot a target on their clock that is the only way to stop it?

* Note: If you happen to share a bed with the conscientious type, then a laser gun alarm clock might be a great gift for them, but it might be a terrible gift for you to live with. Try a stylish watch instead.

Big Trait #3: Extraversion

These are outgoing people who are the pulse of the party. They bring strangers together and make them feel like old friends.

The Perfect Gift: The Ultimate Jameson Gift Set.

The Jameson gift set is, like your guy, the life of the party. With three different expressions of Jameson, the extravert can share with friends, turn them on to a new favorite whiskey, and wax poetic on the differences between each bottle and turn the party up to the next level. They can play bartender and keep the drinks flowing.

Big Trait #4: Agreeableness

Agreeable people tend to be compassionate. They rather cooperate than rock the boat, and have a trusting nature towards people. There is probably low risk if for any gift you get someone with Big Trait #4, because they’ll probably tell you they love it no matter what.

The Perfect Gift: A Gift That Gives Back

There are a lot of options to give gifts that give back to charities. You can make a donation to a charity that’s fighting for your guy’s favorite cause, or use a network like Global Goods Partners that connects buyers with artisan and handmade gifts like wallets and ties. After purchase, global goods channel resources back to the artists and communities who made your gift.

Big Trait #5: Neuroticism

You’re probably rolling through your mental rolodex and remembering neurotics you know. If you’ve dated a neurotic, then now, they’re probably your ex. But maybe you’re the agreeable type and are looking to save a neurotic from themselves. That’s honorable.

The Perfect Gift: A Sensory Deprivation Tank Session

Wait, what? Yes, a sensory deprivation tank session is like taking the ultimate bath. You’re floating in a salt-filled tank of body-temperature water. No light. No sound. No stress. An hour in one of these tanks and your worries will melt away. It will feel like you’re floating on a cloud of pain killers and you’ll finally have some peace.

Seriously, everyone should try it. They’re not as scary as they sound, you can find them in new age spas across the country.

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