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Kind of Architectural Detailing for a Beautiful Interior

by simonhopes (writer), , August 19, 2016

Credit: Architectural Interior
Architectural detailing around your house

Architectural detailing is an important part in the beautification of the home and exterior. It involves the right placement of the furniture, window frames and baseboard. This helps in creating beaut

Architecture is always about details. The attention to detail is what separates good architecture from the rest. It is also very interesting to look at the best buildings and admire the details on their exterior and interior. Architectural detailing is an important part in creating a beautiful interior. Aside from spending time on furnishings and layout, there are a few reasons why architectural detailing can do so much.

What is Architectural Detailing?
You can see architectural detailing around your house. The details are not always obvious, but these subtle elements often change the way a room looks and feels completely. Baseboards, window frames and ornaments are among the few architectural details you can add around the house to create different accents.

It is necessary to understand why architectural detailing matters. Basically, the approach has a purpose. Architectural detailing can make a plain, boring part of the house interesting. The point where your wall meets your ceiling, for instance, is plan and uninteresting. Add details to that point, however, and you can achieve several things; for instance, you can make a room appear larger or warmer, depending on the details you add.

Simple Things Matter
Whether you’re following the latest trends in interior design or you want to maintain the classic look your house already has, keep in mind that details don’t have to be complicated. Sometimes, simple things – small additions – can really add a lot of value to a room.

It doesn’t always have to be about aesthetics too. Adding Teal Products window openers so that you can open and close a row of windows automatically, for instance, can really change the room entirely. On a warm summer day, for example, being able to open all the windows with just a push of a button is definitely a big deal.

Simple things matter. A line, a small accent added to the corner, and various other elements can be just as effective as a big piece or a large curve. The key here is to find details that work really well with the room.

Add and Remove
Interestingly, architectural detailing is also about taking something away. You can add interesting details to a room by removing parts instead of adding them. A good example is the exposed structural connection between a beam and column found in the work of AJ Architects. This connection is usually covered to create a cleaner look.

In this instance, however, the point where the beam intersects and connects with the support column is exposed, showing a beautiful piece of craftsmanship. The combination of wooden beams and the metal angles that support the structure is simply beautiful.
One last thing I can tell you about architectural detailing is the fact that you have complete control over the details you want to add to a room. It’s amazing what small changes can do to different parts of the house. When you pair architectural detailing with interior design as well as the right set of elements (i.e. furnishings, colours, patterns, etc.), the impact can be very profound nonetheless.

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