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5 Reasons to Rent Furniture in College

by Alpana (writer), Pune, August 16, 2016

Furniture for college students

How furniture rental can benefit college students.

The thrill and adrenaline you feel when you first realize that you're a college student. It’s quite challenging right? It seems like all the responsibilities in the world are shoved over your shoulders; however, it is one of the most exquisite phases of your life, period.

Amongst other things your accommodation and lifestyle casts an imperative impact during the course of your higher education – ask any graduate they won't deny it. Specifically talking about furniture rental, a few reasons are enlisted here that will help you rethink if you were ever planning to buy one.

    1.The very first reason is the budget. Now, I am not trying to be naïve here, but I suppose most of you will relate to this ‘Almost every college student is broke half the time’. See, you’ve to prioritize your objectives – do you want to focus on scoring well in the class and get your dream job or do you want to invest heavily on something for a real short span of time? I don’t reckon any one of us would go for the latter on.

    Secondly, why pay a substantial amount for the same set of furniture that can be yours for relatively lesser cost. Not only do you have a sense of belonging but renting won't blow a hole in your like buying would. Also, given that there's already tremendous financial pressure you –renting seems a pretty smart choice.

    2.The second reason is time. Think about it, you'll be in a college for not more than four years. So why permanently buy furniture that you will only be using for a short amount of time? What will you do with it once college ends?

    Moreover students change the living space almost every year (given that normally rent contracts are valid for 11 months). And there are chances that the furniture you bought doesn’t fit with the new flat of yours. You can't keep it with you, can't throw it away either, eventually you got to sell it, and long tiring process will consume your precious time that you were supposed to put in your study and other academic activities. Renting furniture saves all the efforts and time of yours.

    3.Third reason is hassle free living. Alright, as much as a college student loves challenges, they prefer an independent and convenient lifestyle. The students are not likely to accustom any unnecessary headache. And that’s why renting is suitable for a college student, for it is the dealer who are liable ultimately.

    The dealers ensure pick and drop of the furniture, further they check the quality of it and if there's any requirement of maintenance, they’ve got it covered for you. Plus, you don’t want to carry it around everywhere you go; neither do you want to trouble yourself for reselling the old stuff for heavy loss – that is absolutely not practical.

    4.Speed is the fourth reason on the list. Most of you may not be aware about this, but plenty of retail stores do not proffer same-day delivery for furniture items like sofa sets and coffee tables. Typical college students cannot just stopover the nearest furniture store to their apartment, select and pick a random set of furniture and expect it within the next 24 hours. Not only the delivery but if you’ve selected a particular kind of furniture (say a study table) that is currently out of stock then you will have to wait till another piece of it comes in.

    Once you select your furniture and monthly subscription, the dealer ensures that the furniture is delivered at your doorstep within a time-frame of 24 hours. That is one of the most ergonomic ways to seek a service of any such kind.

    5.The last reason is personal style. You’ve to acknowledge the fact that all of us alter our style and sense of living as we evolve with time and fashion. And it is a good thing. The tiebreaker between renting and buying is the personal style, and frankly speaking I believe for a college teen – renting will always win. Because if you buy a furniture which seems to be in trend now – good for you, but what are you supposed to do when your taste changes after a year and half? Sell it for loss?! Not so rational.

    Why not rent the ones you like now and exchange it for the ones that will allure you then? Yes you can always exchange furniture with your dealer. Purchasing furniture may not show you this luxury, or they will give you only a short time period for returns. If you have a propensity to get bored of things relatively speedily, then purchasing furniture is not for you.

Now that we've thoroughly established the benefits of renting furniture over buying one, I reckon it’s time you get back with your studies.

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