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Top 10 Tips to Become an Excellent Tutor


A tutor plays a key role in moulding the child into an excellent student.Tutoring is not easy and requires a lot of patience. Here are a few excellent tips that will help you become an excellent tutor

When an individual decides to take up tutoring as a profession, one has to know the mount of responsibilities which come along with it. Teaching different kinds of student’s one subject and making sure their concepts are cleared is quite a challenge. Along with students, comes a series of doubts which have to be cleared at the earliest, in order to prevent the child from repeating the mistake again. There are various concepts which exist in a particular subject and clear understanding of those concepts for the students is the primary duty of the tutor.

Here we present top 10 tips to become an excellent tutor:

  • Understand your duties and responsibilities.

One of the key responsibilities of a tutor is to make sure his students score impressive marks along with the knowledge of the subject. Apart from the marks, the tutor should also analyse the weakness of the students and work on improving them. The tutor must always create a friendly atmosphere for the students as this will help the students to put forth their queries without hesitation and fear.

  • Planned preparation

A tutor should always be aware of the examination dates, examination portion and prepare the students accordingly. Students must be prepared for their exams with enough revision and practice. The tutor should keep the students ready with syllabus and take regular tests to determine the child’s potency and output.

  • Stay Alert

When handling a large number of students, the tutor must be alert about the activities of the students. Not all children would be interested or be paying attention. It is the moral duty of the tutor to pay close attention on the activities of the students while the lecture goes on. Correcting the students at the right time can help in gaining attention of the students which will lead to fewer errors from the student’s end as well in the future.

  • Be energetic

An ideal tutor should always be energetic and should spark an interest in studies for his students merely by his presence. Students too have certain expectations from tutors. The expectations are almost always in terms of support, motivation and compassion. The tutor should not appear lousy and laidback as it may deter the interest of the students from studies or may be from attending a particular tutor’s lecture. Being a little light hearted with the students will make you the ultimate favourite of the students and they will enjoy your explanations too.

  • Talk and appreciate

When dealing with students, a lot of other factors should be kept in mind. Discussion with the students helps to get to know them better. With meaningful and productive discussions, students learn quite a lot and the teacher can study the nature and behaviour of the students. Another great tip to bond with the students is by appreciating them when they are right or have done their work efficiently. Little appreciation definitely goes a long way in boosting the morale of the student.

  • Know your students well

A tutor can know his students well only when pays close attention to each and every one of them. Paying individual attention to each student does bring about improvement in the overall performance of the students. The results of this can be seen academically and non-academically. The trick is when a child knows he is monitored he/she will be far more responsible and dedicated with their studies and performance.

  • Boosting communications

The tutor must always encourage students to talk to him/her about various topics. Students learn immensely by communicating. Sharing views on different topics help children open up with the tutor and the other fellow students allowing them to express themselves freely. Students always look forward to light hearted professors because they can be themselves with their tutors, if not their parents.

  • Conduct regular revisions

As per studies and research, children do not have a constant attention span. Due to this, children may have diverted attention when a lecture is being delivered. Conducting a revision of the lecture in a summary can help students revise their missed points and solve their queries in an instant. Summing up the entire lecture in the end also helps the students to keep in mind of what they have been taught during the lecture.

  • Stop at the right time

On an average, no lecture should continue for more than an hour. If so happens, the tutor should know when to stop and let loose. Long lectures can withdraw the interest in the students and nothing may get registered in their minds. Thus, knowing the right time to stop the lecture is a very important quality which every tutor must have.

  • Assign tasks

Before a tutor calls it an end for the day, he/she must assign some tasks for the students to perform for the next day. This will help the students to remember what they have done previously and also stay connected to the subject they have been taught by the tutor in the previous session. This also leads to a written revision along with a steady study pattern on the subject.

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