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Popular Questions To Ask When You Are Hiring A Private Jet

by lenardjohnson (writer), , August 10, 2016


In this article we have collected the list of the most popular questions people ask when they are hiring a private jet.

Renting a private jet has so many benefits for the businessmen like no lines in the airports, fast and elite catering services and an extra space in the cabin, opportunity to travel in the needed place of destination in the planned time and an option to select the closest airport and many more. That is why many of us are considering a private jet charter as a perfect air transportation and are wondering whether if the price is worth the service.

In this article we have collected the list of the most popular questions people ask when they are hiring a private jet.

How to select an aircraft?

When you are selecting the private plane you are to consider all needs you have like the number of your passengers, the place of destination and the time you can spend for the flight. If you are traveling with a small campaign – small bis jet is the best choice, but if you have a business trip with a conference in the air you need to pay attention to a bigger models of aircraft like Embraer for rent. These jets are mid-size and large private planes with a big cabin and a baggage section that allows to transport except your baggage skiing equipment, shopping bags and other items.

Additional insurance

Normally the plane insurance is covered by the operator, but anyway it is preferable to get themselves listed as an additional name on the operator’s policy with the aircraft model.

Can I find out which celebrities has flown on this aircraft

No company will ever answer this question and unfortunately you will never find out if you are sitting on the seat of Queen of England or any rock star.

Can I travel with pets?

The passengers are allowed to travel with their pets on a private jet if their pets are vaccinated and are older than eight weeks. But if you are traveling abroad it is recommended to check the country's rules to make sure that your beloved pet will not be put to a quarantine period.

What is the perfect time to come to the airport?

This question is the most popular one among first-time private jets passengers. Usually the commercial airlines advise to come 2 hours before the departure, but if you have applied for private jet hire service 15 minutes is the perfect time. There are no lines to wait and check all the documents and moreover there is no such a thing like missing your flight in business aviation, anyway a private jet will wait for you.

How the departure procedure goes?

The procedure of departure varies according to the size of our private jet. If you are traveling by a small business jet, everything goes faster – all you need to do is present your IDs and a prior permission number (that you are emailed earlier) before entering the gate. If your aircraft is above 10 tonnes you need to get through the security (hopefully you are allowed to have your shoes on) and then be escorted to the aircraft with your luggage.

Luggage check-in

If you are traveling on a private jet, you do not have to check in your luggage – it goes with you in the cabin or to the hold.

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