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5 Interesting Facts About Blueberries

by Dinna Donald (writer), , August 07, 2016

Fresh Blueberries

Blueberries are known as a superfood which is popular worldwide. These berries are refreshing and delicious, so they can be a great snack, especially in hot summer days. It is also known that blueberr

In this article we will present you five interesting facts about this fruit, so we hope you will enjoy. Keep in mind that blueberries are one of the most popular superfoods all around the world, so they should be a part of your diet. Read along this article and you will find out more about this amazing healthy fruit.

1. Blueberries are Native to North America. Have you ever wondered where blueberries come from? Well, these fruits are native to North America and later they have been grown all around the world. There are actually two types of blueberries that are grown in USA. These are wild (lowbush) and highbush blueberries. Wild blueberries are small and usually used in food preparation, while highbush blueberries are bigger and usually served fresh.

2. The Flesh of Blueberries is Green. This is an interesting fact that you probably didn’t know before. Although blueberries are blue on the outside, they are actually green in the inside. The skin of blueberries is blue because of the anthocyanins, antioxidants which may reduce the risk of different types of cancer. Knowing that, you should never remove the skin of blueberries because it contains these powerful antioxidants. But, have in mind that the flesh of blueberries is actually green and also full of nutrients.

3. Blueberries Improve Brain Functions. Have you ever heard that blueberries are great for brain health? Well, it is true. Blueberries help in healing damaged brain cells and they improve all brain functions. Studies have shown that blueberries combat against Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s disease, so they are very beneficial for people of all ages. A research has also shown that blueberries can slow mental decline and help the brain clear all toxic proteins that may build up. If you eat blueberries, you will have a better memory and you will easily retain all the things that you have learned. Because of that blueberries are usually called ”smart little berries”.

4. Blueberries Are Great For Diabetics. Maybe you didn’t know that blueberries are a great option for diabetics. Actually, blueberries have a low glycemic index, which means that people with diabetes can consume them safely. Also, some studies have shown that blueberries might improve insulin sensitivity in most people with pre-diabetes. If you are also a diabetic or if you have insulin sensitivity, blueberries are a great healthy choice for your snack.

5. Blueberries Slow Down Aging Process. All of us want to stay young for a long period of time. Good news is that blueberries can help us in this. They contain antioxidants that fight free radicals which are known to make us age much quicker. Eating several blueberries every day will slow down the aging process and keep us young. Antioxidants will also boost our immune system and fight off many diseases and infections.

These are some interesting facts about blueberries and we hope you have enjoyed this article. However, we have mentioned only some of the health benefits of these amazing berries. There are also many other health benefits that will keep you healthy, strong and full of energy. If blueberries have not been a part of your diet, now it is time to include them in your daily routine. Keep in mind all the benefits that blueberries will provide you and enjoy this healthy, delicious and refreshing fruit. A good thing is that you can also share these berries with your cat, because blueberries are not toxic to cats.

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