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Tin Foil Heroics

by Gary Schwind (writer), Laguna Niguel, November 27, 2007


Art Nova, of Orange County spacewave band Supernova, discusses crash-landing on earth, the virtues of tin foil, and performing the same show for adults and five-year-olds.

Do you ever get ridiculed when you put on your foil hat? Well, you wouldn't if you were at a show of Orange County "spacewave" band, Supernova. You'd be one of many in the foil-wearing Supernova army.

How did you assimilate to life on earth after crash-landing from Cynot 3?

The good thing is we look like humans. The other good thing is that our spaceship is a van. We fly our vans, but here people drive them. The wheels for us are just the landing gear, but to not freak anyone out, we figured we’d just drive around in our spaceship. Also, we noticed people don’t value tin foil very highly here. So, I got a job as a trash man, so I could get paid in this weird paper currency. I don’t know. I guess they like paper here. I got a job as a trash man and collected tin foil, and got a little house in Costa Mesa. We play music. Music makes our van go. That’s why we play. It’s like fuel.

That’s awesome.

Here, people pay you money to hear it. So we’re like, ‘We already do this to get around, so let’s go play.’ It worked out pretty good.

You might need a special license to fly your ship around here.

We didn’t want to stick out. We noticed that the other flying vehicles didn’t look like ours and there weren’t that many. So we thought we’d better just drive. Cynotians are pretty smart. Highly intelligent.

Some people say that southern California is like another planet. How close is life in Costa Mesa to life on Cynot 3?

It’s pretty similar. The weather conditions are the same. We’re able to live in this climate. It wasn’t detrimental to our health. Both are crowded. Everybody has tattoos, here and there. Except for us. We’re nerds there and here. Even though I have some. These are fake. These are just so I can be in Costa Mesa.

And not draw any attention. Very wise. You’ve toured with a lot of big name acts. For which one would you drop everything to tour with again, and why?

I don’t know if people remember The Cows, but we loved touring with The Cows because they’re an awesome band, but also because Kevin the bass player wears pajamas when he’s on tour. They are funny guys. The Presidents of the United States, they were awesome. We loved playing with those guys. We played with them before they were big, in places like Seattle. We got to play with them this year again. Definitely those guys. Shoot. I know I’m probably forgetting somebody. But we’ve done so many different things, like old Warped Tours were awesome. It’d be No Doubt, Sublime. Nobody even knew who No Doubt was. We were on the side stage with No Doubt. That was pretty funny. We love to play with The Aquabats. We still play with them. Love those guys. Probably The Aquabats would be my favorite band to tour with right now. As far as having fun, being like-minded and putting on a good show.

What do you do with all that tin foil?

Well, of course we like to wear it. We like to decorate our instruments with it. We like to do tin foil origami. That’s a big thing. We like to make things out of it. Fans usually make all kinds of things. Pirate hats, swords, bandannas. Did you see the tin foil contest? That’s generally what the crowd will look like. They get pretty creative. We like to have it thrown at us. See on Cynot 3, if somebody throws tin foil at you, it’s the ultimate compliment. We like it when they throw it at us on stage. Tin foil is everything. It’s an alternative fuel for our ship as well.

Along with the music.

Along with the music. We can actually fuel it on tin foil.

Does Al Gore know about this?

No. He does not know about this. We have had a little pushback from some of the zealots on this planet. Over the years, we’ve had to be more and more covert with our tin foil usage.

I would think though, that if he did know about this, it would have been in his movie.

It would have blown our cover wide open. We’d probably be finished. Humans don’t realize tin foil will actually save the planet. Really, it would make the world go around, but I don’t think humans are ready for that yet.

What would you be doing if you weren’t making music?

We like to help people. On Cynot 3, the funny thing about earthlings and Cynotians, we all believe in a higher power. As a band we like to help people, work with kids. We like to be a positive influence. We’re trying to push the virtues of tin foil, but a lot of entities on this planet like to push the virtues of negative things. We fight that the best we can.
Now that we’ve kind of re-grouped after the lawsuit. We never really planned on playing again. We thought our days of tin foil heroics were over. We have a lot of kids that are fans. I have a teenage daughter. You know that whole "I’m not a role model" thing. We’re not some huge band, But kids look up to you and if you tell them something positive, it sticks.

Do you guys look for all-ages venues then?

We play both. We just like to play as much as we can. The kids are so fun to play for because they’re not jaded. They dig it. They don’t have any agenda or ulterior motive for being there. I had forgotten that. It was weird because when we played in the 90s, we didn’t fit in very well. Now, the whole rock scene is so much more punk rock, and goofy, and new wave. We fit in a lot more. There were punk bands in the 90s but it was all hard, gnarly punk. We didn’t end up playing a lot of all-ages venues the first time around. I like playing bars. We just played a festival for young kids, called Wee Rock down in San Diego. I kid you not, we were blown away. We actually played a rock show for three- to five-year-olds. They were totally rocking.

Not a lot of bands can say that.

You know what the cool thing was? We played with some other bands. The Farmers played, and some other local bands. But every band kind of "dumbed down" their set. We got up there and did our same thing. We laughed about it. We played Friday night at a bar here in Costa Mesa, La Cave. We did the same set for the five-year-olds. And it went over equally as well. They were all wearing tin foil. We were walking around in our space helmets, and of course that’s going to endear the kids. They were all throwing it, rocking, and jumping. You can get them to do anything. We got done with that show and we said, “We did not change one thing in our set.” And they were completely going bananas. It was pretty fun. We had a blast.

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