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Sofa – The Hero of the Living Room

Selecting a good sofa set design for the living room is as important as selecting the right mattress for the bed. Choosing the right colour and design completes most of the task.

Sofa- the hero of the living room is so versatile that it can completely change the look and feel of your boring space with just its presence. Sofa sets come in a variety of colours and prints that allow homeowners to choose the one that fits according to their plan and desired look. Whether planning to buy one in any of the neutral shades like beige of grey or planning to go bold with orange or green, one will always with bombarded with choices.

Out of all the decisions that homeowners make when planning a home, concluding the design of the sofa set is one of the hardest decisions to make. Whether they are planning to buy a sofa set online or from the market, the plethora of sofa designs available creates a confusion.

The hero of your living room is not only a place to sit and relax, it effortlessly beautifies your lounge or living area. Here, we have scouted some gorgeous sofa designs, prints and colours that will help you get an idea of what you need and what you should go for. Take a look!

Don’t be afraid of bringing home a floral sofa set. Yes, it might feel a little bright to your eyes in the beginning, but once you get accustomed of the print and give it the right placement and setting, all will be good and you’ll start loving your new member. To give your printed wooden sofa set an appealing look, you can pair it with solid colour cushions, lay it on a neutral shade rug and give it a backdrop of a raw-looking wall for a complete look.

If your mum doesn’t want to replace her black sofa with a new one, try playing around with your décor. We are not calling sofa the hero of the living room just like that. Your black hero can be given an all new look by adding a few cushions in bold colours, throwing in a bold rug and a few elements matching the colour of the sofa (like the lampshade and vases in the image above). The colour black never goes out of fashion, doesn’t show spills and stains easily and above all, it’s loved by all. So, give your mum a smile on her face by uplifting the look of her favourite sofa in a few simple steps.

So, out of all the sofa designs available, you decided to go for a grey sofa to give your living room a neutral effect. The set-up shown in the image above shows how gracefully grey pops out of all the colours used and sets its own identity. With grey sofa, you can play all neutral as well as experiment with colours.

Green is totally in and looks cool when given a proper setting. Bring home a green sofa and give your home the perfect upgrade. Green is totally in fashion and brings a vibrant touch to any décor effortlessly. At first, green would feel offbeat, but with time, it will surely inject magic to your décor. The matching rug and wall, combined with a green sofa in the above setting is, surely making an impression.

A white sofa is like a blank canvas that gives you all the freedom to show your creativity. Yes, white surely calls for a lot of maintenance and care, but it looks extremely welcoming and gorgeous when placed and decorated well. Consider your white couch like a blank canvas and paint it the way you want to. You can give your white couch a boost by exploding it with colours of all kinds (just the way shown in the image above)

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