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Turn to Expert Metrologists for Parts Inspection

by lenardjohnson (writer), , August 01, 2016

One of the benefits of working with companies that specialize in inspection services is access to state of the art dimensioning equipment and training.

When your shop needs inspections that you can’t perform with your own technology or staff, a metrology company can fill the gap. Dimensional inspection is the bread and butter of metrologists, but many provide further services, from coordinate measuring machine programming to reverse engineering and laser alignment.

Most metrology companies offer their services both in your own facility and in their laboratory. The lab is ideal for more complicated measurements, such as large parts that require gantry-style coordinate measuring machines, gears and blades, and high speed scanning. However, advancements in portable arm technology mean that metrologists can also come to your facility to perform laser scanning, measuring, and even reverse engineering. Contract operators can also be hired to program for parts and use coordinate measuring machines you have in your facility but lack the staff to operate due to a medical emergency or vacation.

One of the benefits of working with companies that specialize in inspection services is access to state of the art dimensioning equipment and training. Coordinate measuring machines are significant investments, and most shops find it more cost effective to retrofit older equipment rather than buy new when possible. Companies such as Canadian Measurement Metrology (CMM), on the other hand, which specialize in dimension services, as well as selling and retrofitting new and used coordinate measuring machines, have the most recent equipment from the major manufacturers. If your shop needs any of the services listed below, look for an ISO accredited company with top-of-the-line equipment.

Dimensional inspection – At the heart of industrial metrology is actually measuring the components produced. Typical dimensional inspection services include:

  • CAD parts inspection
  • Vision scanning for small parts
  • Gauge R & R (repeatability and reproducibility) study
  • Capability study
  • Reverse Engineering – 3D laser scanning from measurement professionals can provide the analysis you need of complex free-form objects. If you’re unfamiliar with the process, reverse engineering begins by digitizing the component in question. A 3D laser scanner mounted on a coordinate measuring machine scans the component and produces a point cloud. The data is then fed through a software program that results in a CAD model. It’s particularly useful for rare and legacy parts (i.e., on rare cars) and pieces without any CAD data. When it comes to developing new components, reverse engineering is one of the most valuable CMM measurement services from Canadian Measurement Metrology you can get.

    Tooling Verification – When you have your own coordinate measuring machine or vision system, it will require regular calibration and verification. You need accurate equipment in order to catch and fix errors before they become expensive. One of the additional benefits of working with a company that’s ISO certified, like Canadian Measurement Metrology, is their ability to provide you with more than just data. Their expertise means they have the ability to understand complex dimensioning problems, locate the source, and quickly find your solution. It’s the kind of understanding you often cannot get from in house metrologists who lack the advanced training of operators who deal with coordinate measuring machines and vision systems day in and day out.

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