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Know why you need a shared hosting for your Business

What is hosting ? Need for one and why choose shared hosting ?

A hosting is a perfect way to keep your website running 24/7, unfortunately, not everyone can afford it. However, you can share the hosting with other people to pay a fraction of what you normally would pay. If you are not totally convinced yet, in this article we are going to give you solid reasons on why you should do it.

If you’re not familiar about that a shared hosting it is, it’s basically a hosting service where plenty of websites are hosted on a single server, unlike a dedicated server that only hosts one website.

It means that you will be sharing the bandwidth, database and more. It's disadvantage if you are a big website with plenty of visitors, but a really good idea if you are a start-up with a limited budget.

Benefits of sharing a hosting:

    ·You can save valuable money and invest in other areas: Shared Hosting plans are cheaper than dedicated ones, small business and personal blogs are really benefitted from it because those sites don’t require too many resources to work properly. A dedicated hosting can cost up to 30$ per month, while a shared one will cost as low as 3$ per month.

    ·You can save also valuable time: A good hosting company offers the service to take care of the administration and maintenance of the server. That means that you don't have to worry about taking care about it, and be too concerned about your website’ conditions. This feature gives you more time to invest in other areas of your life and business. Forget about the technical aspect and issues with a hosting company.

    Another benefit related to the previously explained, is that you won’t have to invest time into obtaining the necessary knowledge to operate and administrate your website.

    ·User-friendly Control panels: A competitive hosting company will offer you a control panel in which you could control, administrate and solve many problems and obtain information related to your website. This means that you will have all the necessary information to keep growing your business or website.

    ·Plenty of websites in one server doesn’t mean low performance: As I said before if you are a small start-up, blog or anything else, you won’t be needing massive resources provided by a dedicated server in the short term. In addition, the company of hosting will do the maintenance and will make your website to work flawlessly, as well as the other bunch of websites.

    ·Instant help in case of problems: The Company will offer you incredible help in many aspects. If you are facing problems with MySQL or PHP, the company will support you, and help you to save time investing in getting the knowledge to solve them or by hiring other experts to fix it.

    Some of the best shared hosting companies include bluehost,ehost,hostpapa,siteground,inmotion hosting etc....

Conclusion: Should I get a Shared Hosting or a dedicated one?

Depending on your conditions and limitations you will need one or another. For example, let say that you have thousands and thousands of visitor per week, the safest bet is investing in a dedicated hosting to keep your website working 100%.

By the other hand, if you’re a small business or personal blog, which don’t too much traffic, you can go smartly with a shared hosting because you don't need too many resources to make your website works flawlessly and convenient for your visitors.

However, if you have plenty of money and a budget is not a concern for you, you can easily get a dedicated hosting for your website exclusively.

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