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How to Develop Career Skills in Today's Educational Platform

by simeon versatile (writer), , July 30, 2016

The importance of developing career skills and becoming a self made entrepreneur !

In our days, a career is more than important due the competence and because a career can guide us to a better salary, profits, and huge satisfaction. The general rule about any career is having passion, if you don’t have passion about what you do and you hate it, you will fail eventually or you will have a very unhappy life.

That’s probably the secret untold, passion will make you experiment a huge success in any career. Passion will make you develop your skills in no time because if you like what you do, you will be constantly looking for better practices to make the tasks in your career quickly and efficiently.

Passion is often misleading with money, you can earn huge money with some careers but at some point, you will get stuck, and your career will start to fall. Passion by the other hand will give you constant auto-feedbacks, to improve each day even more until the money come by itself.

Hajoca careers states that "Established, well-known companies in every industry from food/beverage to plumbing to technology are actively looking for talent. Not for just any job either. These companies are looking for people they can cultivate into the leaders of tomorrow. Literally, they want to pay you to learn how to manage their business and, once you complete the program, odds are they’re going to compensate you even more to put your learnings into practice."

Huffingtonpost wrote an detailed post why you need to become an entrepreneur during college days and why it is the best time ever for your career !

How to Develop your Career Skills.

    ·Read tons of books about your niche: Everyone knows it and reading daily about your career’s niche will give you the expertise and point of view of many writers that are experts in your career. It's like having thousands of people advising and teaching you valuable skills along with knowledge about your career, just by reading books.

    ·Learn from your mistakes: People sees the mistakes as something negative, it’s negative in fact but in the short-term, you can learn from them to not fall on them again. Mistakes are not bad at all, mistakes are a valuable source of knowledge and self-teaching that you cannot ignore. However, it’s better to avoid mistakes but if you do some mistakes just wipe them out of your mind, and learn from them to not do them again.

    ·Shut your mouth and listen to the experts: Our egos are really obnoxious and something we need to stop it in order to listen to people because we think we are smarter than them. If an expert with more experience than you is trying to give you advice or teach you something, put all your attention on it because they will teach you more than anything else.

    ·Evaluate yourself constantly: The self-improvement science includes the art of self-evaluation. What I mean with ‘self-evaluation’, is thinking at the end of the day in how good you performed that day, and find some areas or practices in which you can be better. Eventually, by doing this daily, you will be noticing huge changes and a better performance in every activity you do.

How to Develop Yourself as an Entrepreneur.

    ·Start a small business: It’s a little bit obvious, but many people fail in the entrepreneurial world because they don’t even try it. It’s proven that many people fail because they spend all the day reading or just daydreaming about how good their life would be if they were a millionaire. That’s possibly the best way to improve and learn to be a good entrepreneur: by making mistakes and learning from the practice.

    ·Read books, magazines and business’s blogs: The best way to learn is by learning from others, but learn personally from all the entrepreneurs of the world may take you thousands of years. Books, magazines, and blogs are excellent material to learn from because they allow you to absorb massive amounts of information from other successful entrepreneurs.

    ·Find a mentor: Personally I think that this is the best way to become a successful entrepreneur, it’s a little bit difficult to achieve but if you achieve this, the world is yours. Just imagine being the student or just be helped by one of the best entrepreneurs of your zone. It's a matter of time to be as successful as him. Mentors will help you and guide you to the best path, and that’s an invaluable and priceless teaching.

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