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5 Best SaaS CRM Solutions For All Businesses

by Kaushal Shah (writer), , July 28, 2016

A comprehensive list of top SaaS-based customer relationship management software that help organizations streamline their operations, improve employee efficiency and increase ROI.

SaaS CRM (Software as a Service Customer Relationship Management) is a software usage model where a vendor licenses a software system that is to be used as a service on demand via pay as you go or time subscription.

When it comes to a SaaS CRM software, you only require a computer that has an internet connectivity to run the CRM software instead of purchasing a hardware and software. So, take a closer look at the following five best SaaS-based CRM software for your business.

5 Best SaaS CRM Systems For Cloud Businesses:

  1. Microsoft Dynamics CRM: Dynamics CRM is an incredible CRM software that can be utilized easily by both mid-market and enterprise organizations. It includes industry specific features that can be utilized for various industries like financial services, retail, government, education, manufacturing, healthcare and many others. Moreover, MS Dynamics CRM customization provides strong capabilities in sales force automation, customer data management, marketing automation, customer service, alongside notable enhancement with custom and UI (user interface) dashboards. It is also considered as a cost-effective SaaS-based CRM software.
  2. Salesforce: Salesforce is a leading SaaS CRM Software. It provides wide-ranging apps for small to mid-sized businesses as well as enterprise organizations focusing on sales and support. It has vertical solutions for wealth management and financial services segments. It offers strong capabilities in sales management, marketing automation, and customer service that helps to manage customer accounts, monitor, and track marketing campaigns, sales leads as well as offer post sales service.
  3. Infor: Infor is an example of a flexible SaaS CRM. It allows users to combine the ideal solutions that drive 360 degrees customer view across all the channels you utilize. It also helps you implement real-time decision-making that ensures you only target a particular offer to a right customer at the right point of time. This is done by allowing you to transform all your creative, marketing and project management into an efficiently streamlined powerhouse. By using Infor CRM, you can ensure enhanced customer loyalty and engagement along with maximized profits.
  4. NetSuite: NetSuite is a complete SaaS CRM system for SMBs. It boasts thousands of customers around the globe and provides an all-in-one business CRM solution focused on front and back office with an in-depth client view. It also offers strong functionality in sales force automation, partner relationship management, eCommerce, customer data management, and marketing analysis, etc. Moreover, it also extends its functionality to mobile devices with its iOS application.
  5. Sugar CRM: Sugar CRM offers an intuitive user experience which is one of the main reasons why SaaS CRM attracts many users around the world. It can be used for sales automation, account management, marketing automation, and CRM needs. The system is designed for convenient use and includes wizard tools for the first-time users. Even its homepage is easy-to-customize. Most Sugar CRM users consider it one of the most flexible options in the market. It is built on an open-source platform which provides you with unlimited freedom to customize it according to your business needs.

Do you utilize any of the SaaS CRM systems mentioned above? Or have you come across any other good SaaS-based CRM solutions? Drop your answers in the comments below.

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