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Tips for Dressing Boho-Chic Style

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Boho-Chic Style

How do you accomplish the Boho chic dressing? With just a few simple guidelines, it's easy to get fun, beautiful and all the rage in today's fashion focus.

Boho chic has become very popular within couple of past years. Here we will discuss on several tips to dress according to the style’s classics.

1. Natural tones and fabrics. First and foremost rule of boho chic is to dress as if you were living in the hippie times, when natural colors and fabrics were used. For example, you need to buy something like Naturalizer shoes in order to use only natural materials for shoewear and get only natural cotton or leather for the clothing itself. Famous designers also commonly use linen, chiffon, velvet and silk, and others. The colors in favor are brown, beige, orange, or dark green.

2. Lace, crochet and various embellishments. Boho chic likes crocheted and lace dresses, hats, tops, and bags; professionals call them staples of boho chic. Keep in mind that embellishments are very welcome in this style so do not limit yourself in this respect.

3. Experiment with patterns. If you check possible atterns that are considered to b classy for this style, you will likely to find floral or avant-garde-style accents as well as different ethnic-inspired prints. Be courageous when experimenting, but use one pattern at a time mixing it with neutral and calm colors.

4. Think comfort. Comfort is the main concern of all boho chic designs and clothes. If you would like to try this style, you are likely to see many soft, flowy, and loose-fitting clothes, often worn in several layers.

5. Combine fitted with flowy clothes. Remember that over-sized clothes are bad too. So make sure to use a combination of loose and fitted wear to create the best look and comfort.

6. Shoes in natural fabrics and shades. Shoes are an extremely important element of boho chic style. The classic options are considered to be Dansko shoe style. If you are not sure what shoes to choose, go online and check possible ballet flats or ethnic-inspired sandals (i.e. Roman, Greek, and even African). If you live in cooler climate then you can opt for ankle or cowboy boots with thick heels. Even high ‘70s-inspired boots will work great.

In terms of fabrics you should choose leather or suede fabrics; natural colors and shades such as tan, beige, and brown are highly recommended.

7. Be careful with neon. Neon is a color of modern styles while boho chic comes from the past traditions of simple peasants. You can and even should use neon to add some exotic coloring and heat to your outfits. However, be very careful with using neon colors, because they still must be present in real nature world. For instance, ruby red or sapphire blue colors are great for jewelry.

8. Do not go overboard. It is a common mistake for beginners to overuse possible options of layers, colors, and jewelry additions. Professional designers warn to avoid such a huge temptation to wear everything you have at once. Do not also dress too colorful, try to remain in natural neutral tones plus a couple of color accents.

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