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How to Get Readers Hooked To Your Writing

by Joseph C (writer), , July 27, 2016

?An enormous component of excellent essay writing is the ability to attract readers. If your essay can capture the attention of readers, it is undoubtedly going to score a decent grade.

Grabbing the devotion of a reader is not always an easy undertaking. Originality and creativity must all be cleverly blended together. Most readers are also easily put off if the introduction is bogus. A student can significantly boost the readership of his or her essays by making the introduction catchy. Here are some quick ways of spicing up your introduction.
Writing a Declarative
This is the simplest way that you or an essay writing service reviews can use to get people to read your essay. It merely requires you to state what your paper is about. You must, however, be sure that the topic is interesting enough to attract the reader. If you are working on an exciting topic, your reader will want to read more of it.
Tell a Short Story
Stories are universally loved by folks everywhere. You can use this to encourage people to read your story. The story ought to be related to the topic of the essay and must be developed such that it leads the reader into the topic of discussion. It, however, must be a small part of the introduction; do not go creating long complicated stories that dominate your introduction or end up taking up your entire paper.
Include a Statement That Surprises the Reader
Most professional writers lure readers to their work by writing something intriguing or surprising at the beginning of their essays. It could be a glad surprise, a shocking surprise, an interesting surprise or something absurdly profane and disgusting. You merely have to keep everything under the appropriate threshold so that you do not end up upsetting or offending the readers. To effectively pull this off you, however, must have a good understanding of your audience so that you are able to surprise them.
Mention Famous Personalities
The words or actions or certain famous individuals can greatly inspire your readers. Therefore, mentioning famous people in your introduction will not only grab the attention of the reader but it may encourage him or her to continue reading. Remember to have the culture and social considerations of your audience in mind. Some personalities may stir unpleasant feelings to certain people.
You can easily attract readers by going back in time to recount important aspects of your essay topic. If you are writing about health you can, for instance, take the reader down the memory lane on a tour of the historical milestones made in health that are related to your essay topic. The historical review must be short and must lead the reader into your discussion. A historical review has an added benefit of giving the reader better insight into the debate.
Once you have successfully worked your introduction to make it attractive, you then must maintain the same interest in the rest of the essay. This will call for logical free flowing writing that is easy to understand. In the end, you will have an outstanding essay.

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