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Tips to Install Switchgear in Your Company

by simonhopes (writer), , July 27, 2016

Credit: high voltage engineers
Switchgears are the heart of industry

RPS switchgears are a trademark of reliability and trust. They are the premier manufacturer of high voltage switchgear and electrical solutions.

Switchgears are a combination of switches or circuit breakers which are disconnected. These are used to control, protect and isolate the electrical equipment. It consists of cubicle units which remain attached to the lower frame. They help in detecting faults while generation, distribution, and transmission. Hence, automatically turns off the power.

Switchgears are the heart of industry, whatever is it. It serves as the support system. It serves as an intermediary between the all the electrical unit and incoming electricity. The voltages can vary from low that is less than 1 KV to high ones that is above 230KV. This switchgear can seriously injure the workers if there are cases of accidents. Mostly, injuries are of higher level resulting in the death of the worker. With the risks being high, there should be certain safety measures that should keep in mind to make the installation process safe and secure.

Reyrolles is a company which also makes switchgear and helps in the proper installation of it. Before installation, a perfect foundation should be created. The foundation should have a smooth surface irrespective of it being placed indoors or outdoors.

Safety that should be maintained while installing switchgear-

    • Take proper measurements of the floor where the switchgear has to be installed.

    • Mark holes on the walls that will be behind the switchgear.Drill and insert cable sleeves into these holes.

    • Tighten the bolts, though not fully, after placing the brackets into the lower frame.

    • Mark the floor in the location of the bolts of the anchor. Drill holes then. Place the anchor and finally, tighten the bolts.

    • The lower frame can be set now.

    • Each anchor bolt should have a nut attached.

    • Add the power cables to the switchgear cubicles. Secure the brackets with a clamp cable.

    • Now you can remove the plastic cover and strapping if any. The sensor cable should be disconnected from the connector.

    • Lift the cubicle to the required position with a service trolley. Tighten all the bolts and check the cable connections and the thing are ready to be started.

Other safety that should be maintained on the site-

    • Safe access to site work at all times should be provided.

    • Adequate lights should be provided at working sites.

    • Only trained persons should operate the power tools. You can take high voltage engineers for the purpose.

    • Ensure proper inspection and servicing.

    • The site should be clean and tidy.

    • All safety measures should be taken to

Therefore you should be aware while installing switchgear for your company.

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