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8 Workouts You Should Be Doing Without Fail

by EvlinSymon3 (writer), , July 26, 2016


Are you tired of working-out and not seeing any results? A lot of people dedicate much of their time at the gym but fail to reach their set goals.

Are you tired of working-out and not seeing any results? A lot of people dedicate much of their time at the gym but fail to reach their set goals. We have listed below 8 workouts you should be doing to help you achieve your desired goal; be it to gain muscle, loose fat, build strength boost your endurance or maintain your healthy habit.

1. Shoulder T

Shoulder T is a relatively simple and best exercise for strengthening your shoulder muscles or the deltoid. The other advantage of this workout is the “T’’ movements of your arms. By opening your arms while holding the weight long, you strengthen the connective tissues that surround the rotator cuff. This area is prone to injury and so it must always be kept fit and strong. It also helps reduce the stretch mark appearance on your upper arm just below the triceps. Ensure you choose your appropriate weight; the lighter the better, then move slowly and carefully all through.

2. Stationary Lunge

This exercise may not be new to you, but the execution of stationary lunge might be. Not many people fully succeed in to a complete lunge position. For you to get that gluteus to fire, you must be prepared to lower until both your knees hit an angle of 90 degree. If your hip is flexible enough, you should feel your back knee brush on the floor before getting up to a standing position.

3. Spiderman Push-Up

This is most probably the toughest workout, but when done correctly, it will strengthen your shoulders, chest, arms and transverse abdomens. It is also the best workout you can refer to anyone interested to know how to remove stretch marks. Spiderman push-up should be a must to include in your daily workout routine. The beauty of it is that it requires only a flat surface and your body-weight to execute the job. So there are no excuses on this. This exercise when well executed tones the entire body. It is primarily arm and chest strengthening, but it also enhances your flexibility and keeps off back pain and injury free.

4. Plie – V Rise

This is most probably the best workout. The advantages of Plie V-Rise are three-fold. First, you fire your gluteus more when you squat holding weight or dumbbells in front of the body and going lower. Second, your shoulder’s flexibility and strength are challenged particularly when you combined with squat move. Third, your hamstrings, gluteus and inner thighs become a good target of the plié part of the move.

5. Overhead Pull

Overhead pull is most probably one of the best muscles exercise around-hands down. It is such good overall toner, though it is not used as much. If you choose the right weights carefully, then it's almost guaranteed to be evident in your sore core the following day. Remember to keep your back tightly pressed on the floor all through and move slowly and carefully.

6. Surrenders

Surrenders are great exercises; they work your entire body. Though they look simple, they will completely challenge your hamstrings, shoulders and gluteus particularly when you lower (surrender) to the floor and then push up your dumbbells and your body weight back to a standing position. But be very careful because with a few reps in session, you will certainly feel this the following day. Learn how to do surrenders in an easy and effective way and you will be guaranteed to whip that behind back to shape, and faster.

7. Reverse Plank

This is a must do exercise in every routine workout. Plank workout not only opens and stretches shoulders and chest but also strengthens the lower back. In case you are also wondering how to remove stretch marks, this exercise does magic for you. It helps reduce and prevent stretch marks appearances around the breasts. Take these great moves that you have been missing out on and see your body come back to shape.

8. Renegade Row

There are limited exercises that target your back muscles and options become even fewer if you are not in a gym with machines and cables. Renegade row comes in handy at such times. It is a superb exercise for your lat muscles and rear deltoid and provides a complete body strength challenge plus your core. The Renegade row is hard but the most effective exercises for your abdomen. To maintain your balance, it requires you to keep your muscles rigid. The workout fires ups the centre back muscles, as well as biceps, triceps and chest. It also helps reduce the stretch mark appearances. Renegade row workout improves the body’s stability and overall strength.


Exercise is good; like conventional medicine, it reduces risk for many known diseases and early death. If you have not been exercising, it’s never late; start exercising. Any amount of workout is far much better than none. You don’t have to become a superstar, even taking a simple walk for 35 to 40 minutes every day can make all the difference. Once you start, you will realize that it pays.

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