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Happy Halloween!

by J. La Mont (writer), , October 27, 2006


What's your favorite holiday?

Screw the stress of December and the castrated Fourth of July. Halloween is clearly the greatest celebration of the year. Children feast on sugar, teens rebel, collegians party and parents feast on the children's candy completing the great circle of life.

That is the genius behind the holiday. More egalitarian than Valentine's Day and fewer family members than Thanksgiving giving everyone something to be truly thankful for. Hours of creativity for the perfect statement or the hastily made costume each become a smiled upon memory. The most conservative among us can becomes daring using the excuse "it's Halloween" as a shield from social mores. Think of it as the "What happens in Vegas..." mentality but on a global scale. People may even talk to their neighbors. I can't wait.

So which pagans did the Christians steal this wonderful holiday from you may ask? This honor falls to the Celts whose new year fell on Nov. 1. Samhain (pronounced sow-in) was a time when the worlds of the dead and the living merged. By 43 AD the Romans conquered much of their territory and combined Samhain with two of their own celebrations; Feralia commemorated the passing of the dead and the celebration of Pomona who was the goddess of fruits and trees.

Fast forward 800 years and the Christians move-in. Needing to remove the remnants of the sacred feminine while at the same time always on the lookout for a good marketing strategy Pope Boniface IV proclaimed Nov. 1 as All Saints' Day in honor of saints and martyrs. Add twelve-hundred years, a little creative capitalism and a touch of societal repression for one entertaining evening.

The only real question is what are you going to be for Halloween?

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By Annonymous on October 27, 2006 at 01:34 pm
I'll be a muffin :-D
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