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Squeeze your company’s Performance with SEO and PPC.

by Mercy redeems (writer), , July 25, 2016

Know SEO PPC and its benefits to boost your company's google rankings and get a good ROI !

How many of us are just waiting and putting all the endeavors in the table in order to make our business succeed? The 95% of us I think. Having a business is tough, don’t listen to those who says that it’s easy, because is not, a business need plenty of efforts, sacrifice, and hard work to make it a profitable business. Fortunately, there are plenty of tools which will help us to achieve that ‘successful’ status we always wanted, among those tools are SEO and PPC.

For you guys that are starting in the online businesses, this is the most important thing to be applied (and also for those who already knows it) which will help you to achieve your dreams and get that desired big figure, the secret is SEO.

According to Vancouver SEO "SEO is quickly becoming the most affordable and effective means of marketing a business and building a brand asset online, it is often overlooked for methods that are easier to grasp like pay-per-click advertising, banner ads and other online and offline means. But once understood, it truly becomes the foundational marketing strategy for smart business owners."

What it’s SEO and How Important It Is?

SEO (Search Engine Optimization) is a process which allows you to rank better in search engine platforms, such as Google, Bing, and Yahoo. What does it mean? That if we do this process successfully, we are going to get a natural, free and constant amount of traffic on our websites. That potential cannot be ignored, and its utility in the business world is almost incomparable.

SEO is effective and the most important feature about it, is that it’s free and unlimited to use, I mean you can rank your website better in Search Engines just by yourself, without paying tons of money in salaries and experts. In fact, along with its effectiveness, its possibility to make it done by everyone puts on the table the odds to be a millionaire, regardless your education or formation.

The only downside is that it can be tricky and you must need years of try and failure. SEO demands plenty of efforts 24/7 and that could reduce your productivity a ton, thus you’ll be neglecting other areas of your company, for that reason is better (and many people do this) delegate this process to experts in the matter.

What it’s PPC and How It Can Help Us?

Another technique to boost your traffic and earn lots of conversions is the PPC (Pay-per-click). This technique is offered by Google Adwords, Yahoo Search Marketing, and other platforms. You must pay for their services and you will be receiving more traffic from click by other users browsing the Internet and doing some clicks to be redirected to your website.

The process is really simple, you just basically pay a fee and you will get your website exposed to ads in the sponsored results section of every search engine’s results pages.

Unlike SEO, PPC is more expensive and can drain your budget quickly.

Conclusion: Which one is Better SEO or PPC?

Every of them is effective, but in order to magnify your results and your business revenues, you must use them both together. SEO is way better because it’s cheaper and brings better results because with this process the sky is the limit, unlike PPC that the limit is directly associated with how opulent your budget is.

SEO must be your priority at the beginning, it will make you have better results in the medium and long-term, and make you expend less money. PPC is effective in the short-term and the traffic it generates are fairly good, but nothing compares with the SEO potential.

The better results will come if you apply them together, they work fairly well together and by using them the successful you want is a matter of time.

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