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Is It Safe to Skip Breakfast?

Is It Safe to Skip Breakfast?

In modern day times, we are always busy. Students have homework to complete, which could lead to late night studies.

Breakfast has been known as the most important meal of the day. This is because of the benefits a healthy breakfast has to offer. From giving your metabolism a kick start to regulating your blood-sugar levels, breakfast offers advantages for everyone, whether you are just a healthy individual, pregnant or a senior citizen. According to a study conducted by USDA Food and Agricultural Organization and reported by Statistic Brain, around 93% of American citizens believe that breakfast is the most important meal of the day. With this figure in mind, only 44% of American citizens actually eats breakfast every day.

In modern day times, we are always busy. Students have homework to complete, which could lead to late night studies. Students also partake in part time jobs to pay for tuition, which could lead to getting to bed very late. Adults have a lot of responsibilities, especially when they have children. There are many factors that lead to going to bed at a late hour and then rushing things off in the morning. This usually prevents people from getting enough time to throw in a healthy breakfast in their morning routine.

Risks Associated With Skipping Breakfast
Many studies have been conducted on the importance of a healthy breakfast. While some studies focus on the effect of breakfast on your weight, other studies have taken a more general approach to the effects of breakfast to find the benefits related to having a breakfast every day. These studies have also taken a look at the risks involved with not eating breakfast every day. The results found that it is better to have breakfast and skipping breakfast might not be a safe choice, especially when it comes to children and students.

The Better Health Channel of the Victorian State Government reported several risks involved with skipping your daily breakfast. One of the most important health-related risks is the fact that a healthy breakfast provides the body with a large amount of the daily nutrition requirements. Nutrients such as vitamin B, fiber, folate and iron is usually found in breakfast foods. The study also found that children who does not eat breakfast every day tends to weigh more than those who eats breakfast. This is a fact that has been researched multiple times by many medical centers in both children and adults.

Other risks reported by the Better Health Channel includes a poor mental performance and an increase in fatigue. They also found that skipping breakfast is more common in adults and senior citizens than in children.

Advantages Of Eating A Healthy Breakfast
Even though eating breakfast is a highly recommended fact, it is also important to consider what you are consuming during this meal. While it is safe to say that skipping breakfast holds many risks, skipping breakfast might still be the safer option when you do not have a healthy breakfast choice. The main reason why breakfast is considered such an important meal of the day is because of the fact that the regular foods that we consume during the meal usually contains a lot of nutrition including fiber, zinc, vitamins and calcium. Consuming unhealthy food choices such as doughnuts for breakfast does not provide these benefits and would not provide you with the metabolism and mental advantages a healthy breakfast has to offer.

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Cleveland Clinic reports that the unhealthiest breakfast choices include doughnuts, pastries, sausage biscuits, non-dairy flavored coffee creamer, sugary cereals that presents bright colors and bagels loaded with toppings. These choices in breakfast food actually poses risks rather than benefits. A healthy breakfast should include whole grains, low-fat dairy products, fruits, vegetables and lean protein, as recommended by Mayo Clinic.

WebMD recommends a healthy breakfast choice in order to take advantage of the various benefits this option has in store for you, including:

  • Cholesterol levels are lowered compared to skipping breakfast
  • The ability to partake in physical activities due to an increase in endurance and strength
  • The ability to concentrate better in the classroom and during meetings
  • Enhanced performance while working

The benefit of feeling fuller for longer, which means you will be less likely to snack on unhealthy food during the day
A healthy breakfast has also been found to provide you with a more nutrition-rich diet. People who tend to eat a healthy breakfast are more keen on making healthier choices during the rest of the day as well.

While we all lead busy lives, excuses such as being in a hurry, having no appetite, being on a diet and not wanting to eat after a morning exercise routine should not get in the way of eating breakfast. When comparing a day that started with breakfast to a day where you had no breakfast, it becomes clear that it is not a safe choice to skip a healthy breakfast. Making this meal an important factor in your life has many health, mental and physical related benefits that will aid in your everyday activities, whether you are a student or an adult.


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