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Ways to Make Your Business a More Fun Place to Work

by Justin Carlos (writer), Kolkata, July 20, 2016

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Maintaining a prolific group of employees becomes more difficult when they need to work into a boring atmosphere, this article debunks the ways employers can make the workplace interesting & exciting.

Employee satisfaction and retention is an ongoing concern for most businesses today and that’s why so many corporations hire professional research firms to poll their employees on a regular basis. What is it that makes staff delight in coming to work every day and how can companies offer a fun-filled yet productive environment that will keep their staff loyal over time?

In survey after survey designed for some of the nation’s leading corporations, it has found that employees who feel relaxed and engaged are more likely to be satisfied with their jobs than those who maybe make a higher rate of pay but are miserable while at work. Are you looking to provide a place to work that keeps employees engaged and a smile on their faces day after day? Try some of these ways to make your business a more fun place to work. If you want to know how to make your business, place to work and enjoy, Click here.

1. A Breath of Fresh Air

It may be unreasonable to think that you can set up an office out in the open but you can open up your workspace to the outdoors. Many companies have undergone a massive remodeling project to install large picture windows opening up the workspace to the outdoors where employees can glance out throughout the day to see nature at its finest. Little birds and creatures can quickly bring a smile to the face of even the most stoic of workers and it is this breath of fresh air that can keep your staff fresh and alive even at the bleakest hours of the day.

2. Keep It Homey but Not Too Informal

The trick that many businesses have yet to master is in providing a workspace that is informal enough to be homey yet not so informal that all work is abandoned for play. Many interior decorators say that warm colors and soft furnishings do the job. Cut flowers, plants, fireplaces and those ‘family room touches’ may be all that’s needed to keep the air a bit more relaxed. In fact, these same decorators say that the key to keeping the work space homey yet not too much so is to offer an additional area where staff can take their breaks.

3. Provide a Space to Play

Since you are looking to create an environment that is homey but not too much so, why not have an employee lounge/playroom created where staff can spend their regular breaks? A few games, a television and a small kitchenette may be just what your staff needs! Some employers provide a jigsaw puzzle table where workers come in throughout the day to add a piece or two until the puzzle is completed. It is then mounted and hung on walls throughout the building and as workers pass they have fond memories of the pieces they found with a co-worker while on break.

4. Recreational Team Building Days

You know what they say about “All work and no play,” so why not take those words to heart? Recreational team building days could be just what the doctor ordered! One thing you may want to consider is taking one afternoon each month on the clock to have a bit of recreation time. It doesn’t need to be the entire afternoon post-lunch but a few hours to do team building activities and getting to know each other better really does offer a more fun place to work. This time could be spent at your business or off-site but it should be a regular event your staff looks forward to. Who wouldn’t appreciate getting paid for a few hours of fun?

At this point you might be asking why you should provide a place to work that is fun. Actually, the happier your staff is on the job the more productive they will be. While these are only a few suggestions you could follow, they are enough to show you where to start. Want to get the most out of your staff? Then give them the most in return – fun that is!

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