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by hellopeace (writer), mumbai,maharashtra,india, November 19, 2007


New trends in rock music..

“Every rose has its thorn
Just like every night has its dawn.”
Plays an old song by a band called Poison, which became like a rock anthem for most of the rock lovers. Music has truly an unique capacity to convey any kind of message, a message about love or hatred or dislike towards one’s government, or for a general cause or even for encouraging the youth. There are various genres in music like country, hip hop, reggae, rock, gospel, jazz, instrumental etc.
Lately, rock music industry has seen a lot of change. The alternative soft rock scene has been like a big bang with bands like Travis, Coldplay, and Keane. Another band which has brought back the lost magic of grunge music by Nirvana is the band Greenday.With expressive lyrics and a good sense of music composition Greenday has lately been the voice for the American masses who are in a state of disgust with the governmental policies. And in India too the rock scene has more or less been increasing with great bands like Pin Drop Violence, Helga’s Funk Castle, Zero, Pentagram, Parikrama etc. coming up. It almost has become like a war of the crème de la crème. As for the punk rockers System of the down, KORN, Yellowcard etc. have been the lords
Surely as far as the rock music genre goes it has had its “winds of change”. And for every fan it has been a great delight as for them a good piece of music is all that matters. So that they can just head bang to it, lift their lighters in the air and just rock on. And at this point every rocker would hum in approval with me and sing
“Never opened my self this way,
Life is ours we live it our way,
All this words I don’t just say’
And nothing else matters.”
-Metallica 

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