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5 Best Summer Clothes for Travel

Want to know the best possible outfits to wear in Summer ? Here we provide 5 awesome outfit ideas for summer !

When you packing up your suitcase for that summer trip you have long planned, you need to balance comfort and style. You want to include items that are versatile. That way, you can mix and match your clothes throughout your trip and create new outfits every day. The ideal summer travel suitcase must include the following styles -


1.Skinny Jeans - A blue or black pair of well fitted skinny jeans is essential when you are seeing all the attractions of the city and sampling the local cuisine. Skinny jeans with a cigarette cut go well with both heels and flats - so you can dress them up or down. Make sure the skinny fit is flattering to you or you can go for a relaxed fit instead.

2.Harem Pants - This style is the hot summer trend this year and it is perfect to keep sweat and heat at bay. The light fabric of harem pants ensures that you have a simple-to-style item in your suitcase. Wear it with a t-shirt and pull up the pants above your ankles for a casual look. Style it with heels, a fringe bag, and a cool cotton top to look chic for an evening party.

3.Shorts - Shorts are necessary if you are visiting somewhere hot and humid, and need to lounge on the beach. You can wear shorts with a tunic for a semi-casual look when you dine out. If you are catching up with friends, tie a knot at the front of your tee to have a casual, messy elegance. Show off those tanned legs in boho shorts that are printed.


4.Bikini Top - A bikini top is multi-purpose because it works well with jeans, harem pants, and shorts. If you pick a versatile looking top that is crocheted or cropped, you have even more options at your disposal. Most harem pants have a beautiful waistline, so a bikini top is the perfect addition to your outfit for showing that off. With shorts, it makes you beach ready in a jiffy. Under a cotton jacket and paired with skinny jeans, it is the ideal attire for a chic dinner date.

5.Cotton Tee - Your best bet is to pack a white cotton tee that will absorb all the sweat and won’t irritate your skin when you are braving the summer. Choose something that is well worn in for a casual and comfortable look. You can’t go wrong with boxy white cotton tees that are extremely breathable and flatter those with heavy upper bodies. Or you can pick a well fitted cotton tee and fold the short sleeves to make it sleeveless when you need something simple to go with your skinny jeans.

When you pick these five items, the possibilities become endless. Make sure you pack your full spectrum sunscreen with SPF50, your classic shades, and a large hat to complete the outfit and protect you from the sun. Travel is all about fun and practicality, so it’s always advisable to pack one pair of heels and two pairs of flats.

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