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Services You Didn’t Know You Could Get Online

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Online platform has become an important tool for buying professional services. In these days, most of the individuals are too busy to get out getting some services. Thus, internet is of great help.

Most things are migrating to the digital world, but there are many services and businesses that only operate in the ‘real’ world, however, I’m betting there are some you didn’t know you could actually just get online, which would probably work out cheaper and easier to do. There is also a wealth of new services you never knew you wanted that are now possible thanks to the internet.

Tire Changing

Price comparison websites are big at the moment, especially when it comes to comparing insurance and holidays, but did you know there is also a tire changing comparison website? Someone thought it would be a good idea to create a site where you type in your registration and then it spews out a whole host of suppliers and mechanics. You can either have the tires delivered to your door or drop your car off for an hour or two to the nearest and cheapest location.

Music Dating

Online dating has been around as long as the internet has been, however at the beginning there was a negative stigma attached which has since been lifted with the widespread success of Tinder. There is a whole wealth of specialist dating sites including for people who work in uniforms (firemen and nurses deserve love too) but most are cheap gimmicks, however Taste buds is a really cool thing. It’s an app that matches you with people who have similar musical interests as you and what better way to meet people than through music?

Key Cutting

Most supermarkets feature a little side room where a person cuts keys and sells novelty keyrings all day, but who goes to the supermarket anymore with online shopping? If you do all your shopping online, then you need to look out for these locksmiths in London, who after you fill out a form will be able to cut you a new set of keys, and they’ll do it for anyone, not just Londoners. How nice of them?

Ikea: The Great Innovators

We all love Ikea and no matter how many times Fight Club tries to stop us, we’re never going to stop loving it. Ikea launched the Virtual Furniture app a couple of years ago and it allows you to place Ikea’s items around your house using the camera. This allows you to visualise what you’re buying and how it will fit in your living space. It’s like Sims in real life … unfortunately with real money as well and not just ‘simoleons’.

3D Revolution Continues

3D printing is changing everything from space travel to brain surgery and it’s now even revolutionising how we buy products. No more do you have to wait around for a shop to sell something you want, you can now just design it yourself and have Shapeways make it for you. They also have a shop where you can buy what other designers have made.

Didn’t know you could do all that, did you? Nope. Well you can, and none of it’s that expensive either and you can do it all from the comfort of your own bed; you never need to go outside again.

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