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Do these 4 leisure activities if you are bored !

by simeon versatile (writer), , July 07, 2016

Well we all get bored at some point of our routines and what we do that time ? Do these 4 leisure time activities that will drain your time.

Everybody needs a rest from the stress of the daily basis and the best way to take a rest, and enjoy life the most is by doing things that you love, those things that really make you have fun, either alone or accompanied by your peers. There’re hundreds of option to choose from, from sports, games, hobbies and thousands of activities that you might like.

If you’re struggling to find something fun and something you can enjoy, fortunately in this article I will going to give you some serious options for leisure activities. Here we go.

    1.Go to a gym or exercise daily: Doing exercise is more than just sculpt a nice body, by doing exercise you will improve your happiness, body, and stamina to perform better in your daily activities. In-depth, exercise promotes a better cognitive activity, which can make you smarter and a better decision maker. In addition, is almost uncountable the amount of friends you will make in the gym and the nice body you will get with the time.

    If you hate gym (like I do) you can start buying some cheap equipment to start with, it will bring the same results as a gym. Anyways, if you hate exercising you can try to run, play some sports or just walk and you will see the big changes it can do in your life.

    2.Learn magic tricks: Learn magic tricks is one of the best leisure activities because you will develop better cognitive functions and improve your intelligence. Besides, you will make hundreds of friends because by doing magic tricks you will blow everyone’ minds, and strike their attention, resulting in plenty of people looking to be your friends. Magic tricks don't require money, too much time and almost 0 equipment, you can literally practice it in your daily commute with a coin or a deck of cards.

    Learn magic trick is really easy, you can find hundreds of well-explained tutorial videos with plenty of difficulty levels, from beginner to experts. Videos barely last longer than 3-4 minutes and once you watch a video, you will doing some cool magic tricks in less than 30 minutes.There are many such magic tricks like card tricks, levitation tricks,coin tricks and much more.

    Even some friends who have learned how to do magic tricks have made it a profitable business, earning enough life to make a living.

    3.Play some video games: Video games are just perfect to forget about the real world and enter a fantasy world where everything is perfect. Playing video games could make you a better rational person and increase your cognitive abilities, something that plenty of scientists have proven. The amount of friends that you can make online is infinite and you will end with hundreds of friends from any part of the world.

    The best part about video games is the fact you can literally choose from thousands of categories and styles, from sports, adventure, MMORPG, FPS and plenty more to suit all tastes and preferences. You can play from a video games consoles, from a computer even from a smartphone.

    4.Read books: The amount of knowledge that you can get from books is infinite, remember that knowledge is power. Books can help in so many aspects of your life, from businesses, self-improvement and even fiction and non-fiction stories. You will become a really interesting guy to talk with by the amount of knowledge you will get and it can improve your life greatly by giving you thousands and thousands of perspective and mindsets of so many writers.

    Books are really cheap and you can download them for free on the internet. You can go to a library and read them for free and even some people gift them to the people who really need them.

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