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The Best Ways To Solve D3dx9_43.dll is Missing Error

by Frank Grillo (writer), , July 07, 2016

Microsoft windows applications will need dll computer files to function.

These types of dll computer files are in the Microsoft DirectX installation packages and primarily come along with Windows updates, computer software packages or Microsoft DirectX updates. In the next few sentences we are going to tell you the right way to resolve the D3dx9_43.dll problem if it shows up after a software or game installation.

The following suggestions may help you solve this D3dx9_43.dll problem when it occurs. We begin with very small methods to major ones. Let's hope the simple suggestions will repair this error, or, we'll have to go through the tricky ones.

Restart Your Computer Or Laptop

This resolution can help if you just installed that application or game on your computer system and it has stopped functioning. It may be the case that the program is not possibly even operating on the initial run. After you install a program or computer game it is recommended to reboot your laptop or computer once the installation is done. This is an excellent way to avoid this error message. We believe it will help, however in case this doesn't happen, you should definitely try the following method.

Check the Release of Microsoft DirectX

Microsoft DirectX is the software package by Windows to implement the dll files. Most of these files can be previously installed on the Windows. Therefore, you must have read or heard oftentimes about release of completely new editions of DirectX. The DirectX is update of dll runtime archives.

Windows games and programs have a Microsoft DirectX release on their CD. Generally it doesn't matter whether it is edition 10 or 11. However, in case your computer software or computer game demands DirectX 10, the Microsoft DirectX 11 version will do the job fine. But you will see troubles if things were complete opposite. If you get D3dx9_43.dll not found? error message on the computer game or program, then confirm the needed edition of DirectX. Now verify the edition of DirectX placed on your personal computer.

You may take a look at the DirectX edition on your personal computer by using ?dxdiag.exe? command word in Run in Windows. You can see the version of installed Microsoft DirectX.

Download D3dx9_43.dll Computer file Yourself

This method appears to be the most promising one yet we have put this solution at the end of attainable methods since installing a dll file personally without much technical expertise can't be so good occasionally. If none of the above helped you solve the D3dx9_43.dll error, then you will need to move forward with the dll computer file replacement cautiously. It's likely that it is going to fix your dll computer file error.

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