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Somaya Reece, Renaissance Woman

by Gary Schwind (writer), Laguna Niguel, November 23, 2007


Somaya Reece discusses the Hollywood image, travel, and her charity work.

Somaya Reece could be the hardest-working woman in show business. She has appeared on Entourage, magazine covers, and has a weekly radio show. In addition she was recently named one of the 15 Most Beautiful Latinos of the Year by People's Choice. I asked her about her self-portrayal, travels and charity work.

On your MySpace page, you show lots of pictures of yourself without makeup and you make a point of showing that you are a woman with curves. Why is it so important to present yourself this way?

The media portrays women in a very bizarre and twisted light. They tell us to lose weight to a point of anorexia, if they gain a pound it is all over the media. Yet no one cares about our troops, the starving children in this world or anything else. It's a very twisted thing, the media that is.
They make it look as if this life is glamorous all the time but it is not. As if we wake up with a full face of beautiful makeup and gorgeous hair. It is more hard work and no sleep than glamour. There have been many women and men from around the world who write to me telling me how glad they are I am not afraid to be me. I hold the curves down for the average woman. I was born this way and I cannot change that nor do I want to. There is a clear difference between being healthy and fitting a stereotype in Hollywood. I feel that more people relate to me because I am not your typical Hollywood girl. I hope to be the young voice in the world to STOP this madness. I really look up to Queen Latifah, Missy Elliot, Oprah and Jennifer Lopez for helping with break the mold of what is typical in Hollywood.

You've traveled to lots of different places. What is the one place you will return to anytime, no questions asked?

I have been blessed to travel the world from Japan, Korea, Thailand, London, Paris, Rome, Spain oh man I love to travel. I personally cannot wait to move overseas for a long time. I had the best time of my life in London and Spain. I lived there for 6 months total on a gig. The mentality in London and Spain is amazing. They live and breathe life carefree without prejudice. You are not black or white there you are just human. I can't explain it but you really feel you are living life when you are there.

In your blog, you mention your charity work. What is the most rewarding thing you do, or have done?

There is not one more than the other. I grew up in a horrible environment and saw a lot of abuse on all levels. So for me it's the fact that I have been doing it and will continue doing it for the love of it. When I feel most rewarded is when I am working with my own two hands. Serving food or passing out clothes when it's just me eye to eye with the people I am helping. Nothing makes me feel better than seeing the children's smiling faces. It often breaks me down into an emotional state because I wish I
could help everyone who is hurting. When I go to the battered women's shelters where they have their children I like to do little comedy shows for the kids and make them laugh. When you laugh you truly forget your worries and
if I can get one frown changed into a smile I then feel as if my mission is being completed.

Is there one cause or charity that is especially meaningful to you?

All of them are meaningful to me but the one that will be the best will be mine. I am working on building my own after-school programs and charity. I can't wait for kids to have an outlet instead of getting into drugs or gangs or worse off death. I will make it my mission to help the world and this will be my part. I realize I cannot save the world but anything helps and I am satisfied with that.

What's next for Somaya Reece?

I will be working on my album. We have record labels interested which is so amazing. I feel my hard work is finally paying off. I will be aired on E! television in January. That will be about my entire life story and of course my music. I have several magazines and well YOU that will be out soon. January will be the beginning of many great things. I am finally in the beginning stages of building my brand. The truth is What's Next for Somaya Reece "The Renaissance Woman" is a household name.

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By Maskil on November 24, 2007 at 04:17 am
As an online associate of Ms Reece, I've found that she is all a real woman is! As reported in her interview she is down to earth, a hard worker and most definetly beautiful! I've listened to her show on many times and she with her two co hosts are a great addition to the internet radio genres! They have a variety of comedy, music, industry info and always involve the fans! I see Somaya growing on the TV and Film industry as much on the various demographics as Oprah has in the past to present. know Oprah may need someone to eventually replace her spot! You up for it? Look out WORLD! Here comes Somaya Reece with "The Buzz"
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By Gary Schwind on January 08, 2008 at 08:41 am

Somaya Reece will be on Mas Vale Tarde on 10 January at 11:30 PM on Telemundo.

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By Gary Schwind on March 01, 2008 at 12:47 pm

Look for Somaya Reece (voted by E! as one of the top 20 hottest women on the web) on E! on 8 March at 5 Eastern and Pacific.

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