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A Culinary trail across Hyderabad and Bangalore

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Food is the major calling to many travel destinations. People travel halfway across the globe just to experience the cuisine of that place. Take a trip to Bangalore and Hyderabad, two major cities in India laying before you a plethora of diverse cuisine.

There is no doubt that there is an abundance of good food and the options to eat out unlimited in Bangalore, however the city’s cuisine in itself, much like the general South Indian cuisine is quite shallow and restraint. Kannada cuisine like all other south cuisine consist of lightly fermented ground rice and lentils, use of palm sugar, tamarind and a vegetable curry where they dump the closest vegetable they at their arm’s reach or whatever vegetable is in its prime season. Which is why food from other cuisines is much more popular than its own in the city, unlike places like say, Hyderabad. If you catch the Bangalore to Hyderabad flights spicejet and visit the city, you will find that every street corner you go, or any tourists you speak to, the answer for their favorite food will hands down be the local food!

Bangalore makes up for what it cannot offer in the local cuisine by giving the visitors the best choices of places to choose from where they can eat their fill. Bangalore has a line of some of the best restaurants in the country giving you a surreal experience. If you want to try good international cuisine in India, don’t think twice, head to Bangalore. The places in the other cities are all pretentious and fancy on the decor. Food-wise nothing like you would expect it to be. International cuisine and cuisine from other parts of India is what Bangalore specializes at, except North Indian food. You will not find really good North Indian food in Bangalore. Sure the Kebabs and tikkas are available, but never as good as North. The worst experience you can encounter is asking for a North-Indian thali and finding curry leaves in your daal and tamarind flavour in your tikka. Yes, it happens very often. You typical breakfast of ‘Poori-Subzi’ is hard to come by as most hotels make beautiful puffy pooris but the curry they serve along with it is laden with coconut milk and tastes just bad. Andhra cuisine with the locals there, so much so that there is a chain of restaurants called ‘Nagarjuna’ in Bangalore which serves only Andhra food. The popularity of the restaurants is also due to the fact that the food there is freshly made and dirt cheap!

If you head on to Hyderabad, one thing will surely standout than anything else -- The biryani. There are all sorts of biryanis you will find in Hyderabad ranging from different kinds of meat, fish and vegetables. You will also be introduced to a good number of Mughlai cooking and recipes. Mughlai cooking is rich and elaborate and require hours of preparation starting from the marination process. Meat is usually slow cooked and the flavour is dense and deep. Mutton Nihari and Hyderabadi payas are a definite try. Hyderabadi cuisine involves a use of heavy aromatic spices.

Hyderabad and Bangalore are two nearby cities you can definitely go on a culinary trail. Infact, you will not find any other two cities so close by giving you so much diversity in food and cuisine anywhere in India.

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