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Mobile Apps: Transformed Healthcare

by Adam de Smith (writer), , June 27, 2016

?Now-a-days everything is getting digitalised. Everything one needs is just a click away on the computer screen or the mobile screen.

Now-a-days everything is getting digitalised. Everything one needs is just a click away on the computer screen or the mobile screen. Mobile apps have made everything easier. Shopping for clothes and grocery, ordering food, getting education etc. ; every service is at our fingertips. In recent years health care has become more advanced; and with apps in the healthcare field the healthcare sector has transformed a lot. Healthcare apps are very beneficial for patients.

Here are few ways mobile phone apps will transform healthcare.

Apps have improved access to care

Mobile applications have made healthcare more accessible. In the digital age, patients do not have to be in the same location to get an appointment with doctors. Patients who are living in far off or rural areas can get help from specialists living in the city or anywhere in the world. Patients who have limited access to doctors can obtain services of primary care of physicians or specialist from their home.

One can find nearest hospitals and specialist near their homes or office. This can be helpful in case of emergencies and if one is new in town. Patients suffering from chronic diseases or else they are not able to move too much due to illness, can benefit from these apps. Mobile apps ensure that healthcare reach each and everyone.

Improves patient satisfaction

Long lines, complexity, lack of transparency of cost and lack of quality are some aspects that discourage the patients to engage with healthcare. Sometimes many of the aspects that discourage patients are unnecessary. Patients find waiting in the physician office painful. Apps can also eliminate complexity involved in healthcare sector. Apps can inform you if the doctor is late. One can keep a reminder for taking medication. Medication taking app also helps one to keep a track of what medication they have taken and when they will have to take them next. This is beneficial in the case of vaccinations and medication that have to be taken after some interval. Apps can also be used to remind you to buy medicines when they have finished. Apps can also remind you to buy medicines when you are near a chemist if location is enabled.

Discover and self healing

Health care apps have help patients to discover alternative therapies to heal issues related to pain, low energy, lack of sleep etc. Apps help you to learn about the therapies like phototherapy through a step by step guide provided in the app.

Patient safety

Healthcare mobile apps have helped patients in maintaining their safety. Healthcare apps help patients to track their nutrients. What diet to follow for better help and what to avoid, are a few things that patients or healthy people can follow through an app. Yoga poses and other suggestions are also available for app users. A step-by-step guide to using patches like phototherapy Lifewave patches, are easy to use with apps. There is about 400 LifeWavepatching protocol to help one use the lifewave patches effectively to attain a healthy body.

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