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5 Things to Do in Croatia

by Romeo Demes (writer), , June 28, 2016

Credit: Photo by Jesuscm (CC BY-NC-ND 2.0)
Dubrovnik, Croatia, summer of 2008

Rich in natural, historic and cultural beauty, Croatia is a glorious Mediterranean paradise. Tourists flock in annually from all over the world to soak in its majestic and picturesque beauty.

Do you go on a hike? Visit the Andriatic coast, or attend a traditional fiesta? Even experienced tourists may fail to plan their visit properly to avoid missing marvelous sights and life changing experiences in the small European country. As such, here is a list of the top 5 things to do in Croatia to make your trip memorable.

1. Visit the famous Andriatic Islands

Covering 33 200 km2 of Croatia, the Adriatic sea has a spectacular coastline and over 1000 uniquely scattered islands from Umag to Dubrovnik. The variety of islands is simply stunning with shifting terrain from tranquil pastures and rolling vineyards to pine-fringed beaches. Some of the countries fruitiest olive oils, sweetest wines and pungent cheeses come from these small islands. The culture has endured many generations and the medieval architectural masterpieces and crumbling towers only serve as a reminder of the rich Croatian heritage. Some of the most famous islands are Krk, Mijet, Brac, Hvar, Pag, Korcula, Vis, Mali Losinj and Rab. Krk is the largest sprawling over 150 square miles.

2. Visit the medieval castles of Zagorje

Far from the Roman architecture, the Zagorje region north of Croatia offers beautiful scenery of medieval castles and fortresses on green hills. Visit some of the most famous and well-preserved monuments in Croatia and be entertained by legends of Veronika Desicka. Some of the most popular tourist destinations include the castle of Veliki Tabor and the Romanesque castle Trakoscan once a home to a famous Draskovic family.

3. Enjoy delicious Croatian cuisine

When you visit Croatia, you can expect to be accommodated in luxurious hotels, which serve authentic Croatian cuisines accompanied by sparkling wines from local vineyards.

4. Sail into the warm sunset

In addition to its safe waters and favorable sailing winds, Croatia’s scenic coastline, incredibly blue vista and crystal-clear waters make it one of the most favored sailing destinations in the Mediterranean. Compared to other sailing destinations in Europe, Croatia has an uncluttered, uncrowded and unspoiled coastline. It offers over 50 marinas and more than 500 historic harbors such as Trogir, Sali, Vrsar, Stari Grad among others which provide an age-old ambience. There are also secluded bays and coves that offer sailors a tranquil place to anchor. From relaxation in remote island villages to exciting modern sea sports, sailing in Croatia has a lot to offer to sailors.

5. Enjoy Croatian night life

If you wish to enjoy the Croatian nightlife, beach Zrce is no doubt the best party zone in all of Croatia. Kalypso, Papaya and Euphoria are some of the best clubs on the beach. Enjoy beach parties, bikini contests and mousse parties while dancing to tunes from some of the best DJ’s in the world. If you prefer enjoying the nightlife in a town, which is not on beach, Makarska nightclubs, have got you covered. Makarska is a town between Split and Dubrovnik with street packed with cafes, bars and excellent accomodation.

Due to its mild temperate climate, Croatia is a favorable place to visit all year round but high season, which is between April and October during summer, offers the most excitement and fun.

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