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Ways to enhance the comfort levels in an office

by Sally_wilkinson (writer), , June 27, 2016

An office is a place where a great deal of important work is done but it also can be a place where large amounts of stress will build up in a person.

An office is a place where a great deal of important work is done but it also can be a place where large amounts of stress will build up in a person. To get the work done in the highest quality, the employees that work in an office has to be happy. Making your employees happy isn’t a laid-back task because not everyone will be satisfied with what you give them. Expecting 100% satisfaction from your employees will not be possible but a majority of your employees will be happy working you. If you’re looking for a place to start, the interior of your office is the best. High comfort levels in your office will give the employees more reason to work for than the paycheck. You will be amazed by the increased productivity of your employees once they are provided with all the necessities.

The furniture

The furniture used in your office will make difference. The comfort levels that your employees are dealing with is highly affected by the furniture that is used in an office. Your employees will be spending long hours seated. Equipping the office with state of the art office desks and chairs will increase the speed and quality of the work done. When proper furnishing is supplied to an office, the employees will maintain correct postures which will keep them free from health issues caused by incorrect postures.

The temperature

It is lesser known that the temperature affects the comfort levels in your office. Adjusting the temperature in your office will bring about positive changes in efficiency of the work done in your office. The recommended temperature for an office has to be within a range of 21-23°C (69-73°F). However, when it is hot outside, you should make the temperature a slightly higher to decrease the difference in the outdoor and indoor temperatures. Failing to have the recommended temperature in an office will increase the amounts of stress that builds up and will also cause major discomforts.

The lighting

The lighting used in an office will affect the employees’ productivity. Researchers have found that when an office is given better lighting, the brain will be stimulated to be on alert and to work with more efficiency. It is important that natural light enters your office to provide your employees with a comfortable working place. The amount of sunlight that penetrates into an office depends on the on architecture of your building and the cleanliness of the windows. When appropriate lighting is provided to your office, the employees will not be having trouble focusing on the office work and will keep them safe from hazards.

Fluorescent lights are recommended to be used in an office more than incandescent light because it will create the ideal environment for your employees.

The colors used on the walls

Colors have a major effect on the functionality of the brain so it is important that you use the right colors on the walls of your office if you want good work done. The color of concrete; grey is not suitable to be used to in an office because it brings about a dull environment. Blue and green will affect the brain of your employees to work harder and it will give your office a vibrant feeling.

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