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How to Catch Employees if They Lie About Their Health

by Zuhair (writer), , June 27, 2016

The research shows that 88% employees are not interested in work and lack passion and commitments when they come to the office.

The research shows that 88% employees are not interested in work and lack passion and commitments when they come to the office. Even the employees working in senior positions and managerial posts have been found complaining that they don’t have the right leaderships and bosses. Despite all these facts and sorry-states, the employees often come up with lame excuses when they take a day-off. Here the post aims are articulating few such primary cause for employees’ leaves and lastly we would empower the bosses to figure out whether the employees are genuine in their stance or something else stands exists behind the scenes. The latest technological tactics will be discussed to catch cheating employees.

Top Excuses of Employees for Not Going to Work

Every employee has a reason to put to the boss when he doesn’t go to work. Some reasons are true while on the other hand, many employees come up with fake excuses to satisfy their bosses so that they can spare themselves from rebukes of the boss. Let’s dig deep into what is more there in these excuses.

My Kid was Sick

This is the traditional reason that most of the employees in lower ranks tell to their bosses and other authoritative officers who the employees as subordinates. They come up with the reason that they were unable to come to office on time or took a leave because their kid was sick and they couldn’t even sleep for the whole night. Though the reason seems valid, many times the habitual liars use this one when it comes to defending themselves from the harsh words of bosses.

I was not well

Another reason associated with the health that employees create is they tell about their own bad health. Their bosses and employers believe them when they produce and utilize a fake doctor’s note that they were given by their physician. This false note spares them from the punishment, and they feel relieved. For many employees, this reason seems right even though they were not sick at all but few tell the truth instead of using such fake excuses.

I was Left with Leaves

Every organization, whether it’s governmental or private one, grants their staff a fixed number of leaves they can use every month and some employees don’t need sometimes but when they are not in a mood to go to office, they tell the administration that they had few leaves, so they utilized them to perform some of their necessary tasks. This reason is not wrong in any case, but many employees have no other reasons to take a day-off thus it proves handy in saving them from punishment.

How to Catch Employees Who Cheat with Fake Excuses?

Using monitoring apps has become a trend and best way to keep tabs on the employees, their whereabouts and what they do all the time around the clock. Such apps are legitimate, and companies use them once they get written consent from all the employees Installing the app on the devices of employees will let the employers get updates about their staff, in office and offline as well. usually employer use the software using any best vpn service to avoid getting tracked by employees.

The monitoring apps are very useful in getting data of any individual and empower the bosses to take on their staff if they are manipulating them with fake excuses for not attending office. A number of such apps are available in the markets and bosses can use them to check whether the employee was at home, in a hospital or somewhere else when he presented the note of his doctor. The location history will proffer all the details, and it will be convenient for the boss to figure out the exact reason.


None of us can stop employees from taking leaves when they meet an emergency situation, but it becomes hard to differentiate who is lying and who told the real situation. To mitigate such issues, the monitoring apps prove handy in exposing the employees and the most surprising aspect is, all these apps are totally lawful to use for employees on their devices.

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