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GM Diet Plan To Lose Weight In 7 Days

by Zuhair (writer), , June 24, 2016

A diet program designed for the General Motors Corp., in conjecture with the Food and Drug Administration and the US Department of Agriculture. A diet program that guarantees 5 to 8 kgs weight loss i

A diet program designed for the General Motors Corp., in conjecture with the Food and Drug Administration and the US Department of Agriculture. A diet program that guarantees 5 to 8 kgs weight loss in a week without you feeling weak and starved. A diet program that does not entail you to sweat 7 hours a week in the gym, but promises you a guaranteed weight loss in 7 Days.

This is the GM DIET PLAN which is recognized and has proven results, all across the globe. The procedure is simple too with just minor precautions-

1. Avoid intake of alcohol during this period of 7 days.

2. Drink ample of water each day.

3. Observe a gap of 2 to 3 days before starting with the program again.

4. Do not experiment but, stick to the diet plan sincerely.

Day 1: This day would be the hardest as you've just rolled out of bed to start your day and probably wouldn't even remember to follow the diet. Make sure you do by posting note right by your bed. Now coming to the diet, all you need to feed yourself up with is FRUITS- best to consume the seasonal ones. Fruits to avoid are grapes, litchi, mangoes and bananas; and the referred ones would be pomegranates, watermelons, lime, oranges, strawberries and apples. Eat 10 times to fill yourself, but it only has to be fruits and nothing else solid. You need to keep yourself away from all sorts of cravings, as first day's the hardest; but you will eventually catch on.

You also need to increase your water intake to 10 glasses per day. This exercise would help to wash off the toxins from your body and you will better and happier on your day 1 itself.

Day 2: This day requires you to eat nothing but vegetables. You can eat it to any quantity you like. You can have it boiled, or raw with salt and pepper to taste. You can begin your day with a potato but just that one, henceforth only focus of your diet should be boiled or raw vegetables. This day equips you with all the nutrients and fibers without adding calories to your body at all.

Also, drink 10 glasses of water to keep yourself hydrated.

Day 3: This day per misses you to eat both fruits and vegetables. it is a combination of the 2 days. Eat the above mentioned fruits and vegetables in any amount you would like. the proportion of fruits and vegetables you eat on this day, don't matter too. Just eat to your full.

Again, supply your body with 10 glasses of water. By this day you will start to feel healthier and lighter.

Day 4: This day is "Bananas and Milk only day." This might seem less because of the variety of food items you had been consuming since past days; however, this is one diet that will make you feel full, as the day ends. You can consume 5 to 8 bananas this day. Yes, bananas are said to help in gaining weight but here they meet your body's potassium requirement. Supplement it with 3 to 4 glasses of milk. Plan your day with this diet in advance; spreading the intake of the items throughout the day in order to avoid feeling of going hungry to bed.

10 glasses of water, as usual. Use this as a filler.

Day 5: On this day you would not even feel like you were on a diet. This day allows to to have a cup of brown rice , with sprouts, paneer, maybe a small cup of dal and tomatoes, any way you like. You can make a soup and drink it or eat them all individually, or even saute with onions in a frying pan. Remember, TOMATOES are the main ingredients of the day and you need to consume about 6 to 8 tomatoes on this day.

You need to increase the intake of water on this day to 12- 15 glasses, as with the consumption of so many tomato, there's a high chance of uric acid being produced in your body.

Day 6: This day goes almost like the previous one, the 5th day, with the exception of tomatoes. Avoid tomatoes completely on this day. You can have a vegetable soup to keep you full. You can also drink a cup of green tea, but just one. Avoid any addition of caffeine to your body; so no intake of coffee or tea.

drink 10 to 12 glasses of water. The intake of water increases with the passing days.

Day 7: This day's diet plan is most liberal. With the liberty of having fruits, vegetables, a small cup of brown rice and a cup of dal to make a perfect, healthy diet for yourself. You can also grace yourself with one chapati, but avoid the brown rice then. If you want, you can enjoy a glass of freshly squeezed juice, orange juice preferred..

By the end of the week, you must have lost around 5 to 8 kgs, without having to tax yourself or having any muscle pain, fatigue or weakness.

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