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The Science of Life

by Credo (writer), I practice living in the Spirit, November 12, 2007


What in the world has technology done to the family structure?

The quest for fire and the curve of the wheel is among some of man’s most advent industrial realizations; they have stood as the chief instruments that have aligned the technological revolution.

We have come a long way in a few years and I can’t seem to remember when it all changed. Not so long ago there was no television and very few conveniences, everybody sat around the table and earnestly listened to the radio with such intensity as if you were looking at a great movie or watching a grand play it was magical, and most mystifying to say the lease. In particular the Joe Louis and Max Schmeling's fight was just that kind of enthusiastic radio show, everyone in the neighborhood came to the house because we had the best sounding radio in the community it was like an auditorium with all of them there,it felt like a very important day.

Just to get up early was a blessing as we would romp through the yard bucket in hand while taking in the morning smells and the beautiful sunrise of another glorious day. Without hot running water and in many cases without running water of any kind we were satisfied with going to the well to get our own bath or drinking water each day. Obviously there weren’t many technological devices that we counted on to amend our work load, but we never missed that which we had never experienced, and so our lives was seen as normal and we were morally satisfied. We thought we had the best life that anyone could ever want, we had our families, we knew everybody in the small town and we were happy as a June bug. Those days of human closeness and family-hood still lives in the hearts of those people who are from that era and it is most evident in the stories that our grandparents and older family members reiterate over and over until you know the story by heart, and each time they would tell the story about their lives they would tell it with great enthusiasm as if they were telling it for the very first time. We never missed the modern vehicles that we find today because we rode the buckboard with Samson our loving horse hauling us everyday to our usual destinations, to town when we went shopping or when we went to see our families. I am also aware that we never thought that we were missing out on anything because we enjoyed everything that we did and that included each others company, as if we were conversing with a celebrity or something. Everything that we did it was done in a manor of sorts that we completely enjoyed doing it whether it was peeling apples or making clothes with mama on the sowing machine, or baking a cake, we had some how made everything we did into an adventure.

Last night I wept like a baby for the very first time in years because I realized that things had changed suddenly and drastically and that they will never be the same. I suddenly understood that my children’s children will never have the pleasure of that kind of joy as they would never again be gathered in silence to listen with such great intensity and imagination to the radio as we had done, they would never find comfort in the joy of the daily lives of their own families as I had done, because as they had so much technology to be thankful for they also had technology that would someday ruin their live. You see today there is more guns and planes, more video games, there is cable and cars, bombs and bars yet less and less of family values, even fewer than one would find on mars. Why today we march to a different drummer and we sing the songs of isolation, as we eat alone, sleep alone and work alone we have reached the age of technology and we have come upon the new world order. The vast changes that I see is because I am looking with the eyes of experience, that elderly wisdom that knows where we have come from and therefore can see where we are headed. And it is not certain that the gap (social war) between men and women, father and son, mother and daughter, old and young or black and white will ever heal in this IT era because there is too much technology to accentuate the destruction of the families and to perpetuate the gap between the pairs. As we have relied on our careers more than we have relied on our families we have given these technological mechanisms more power in our lives. Technology came in the form of industrial machines that stole the jobs of millions of working labors in the factories and they have punished those who had lived their lives in pursuit of those careers. I find that we had allowed television sets right to baby sit and raise our children, which removed the personal touch or that human connection between mother and child and to me this was very sad indeed. We monitor our children by way of room cameras, respirators, maids and many devices and the bonding that once took place between families have all but disappeared leaving the child to wonder about love and the disciplines of inner security. There is so much progressive techno devises out there today that it has never had greater consequences on society as it does today, plus it continues to infect the general life in every community and still this increase in technology threatens to cause havoc on the rest of the world. You see back then we had never seen a bomb, although they did have hand grenades they never had anything remotely as powerful as they have today, and we appear to be ready and willing to use them at the drop of a hat, so my grandchildren are in line with this war machine, and this new unfeeling monster (Technology). Oh but don’t get me wrong, I love the fact that I can wash my clothes without doing them myself, and the fact that I can warm up a meal in under two minutes using the microware its great, but if I had a choice between familiy , humanity and technology the latter would lose every time.

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By Credo on December 06, 2007 at 03:33 am
We are one.......... Credo
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