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An Eternal Symbol of Love: Eternity Bands

by Jenessa (writer), , June 22, 2016

Regular engagement rings and wedding bands keep getting bent and twisted around the finger into very uncomfortable positions.

Why Choose Eternity Bands?

There is always a certain movement involved with the ring and if there is more than one ring, then the problem is compounded. Fusing the rings may stop them for intertwining but they still twist and turn and that causes problems too.

Eternity bands eliminate the problem altogether. During winter, engagement rings get caught inside gloves and taking jewelry off while wearing gloves is a pain. People have also complained that they get bruised and cut because their ring gets knocked back in the finger.

The Decision of Buying Eternity Bands

Once you walk into a store and ask for an eternity band, sales folk generally do not encourage you. This is because a lot of people purchase eternity bands without understanding that eternity bands cannot be resized after purchase.

Jewelry stores must get a lot of complaints regarding resizing and a good natured sales person may even try to talk you out of your choice. However, the decision should be made before entering the store and all the issues relating to eternity bands should be weighed.

Kinds of Eternity Bands

The modern jewelry circuit has multiple options for eternity bands.Eternity bands in New York and other fashionable cities now border on extravagant with over the top designs but there are plenty of reasonable styles to choose from.

Online browsing the best place to start the search of any sort of rings, bands and sterling silver necklaces, also a rough idea about the cost of each can also be obtained from there. Quotations are also readily available online and print out of a design you really like will help the sales person help you find your ideal choice.

In matter of style, the number of choices can get very confusing. To give you an example, here are a few styles of eternity bands:

shared prong, open prong, bezel, mil grain prong, filigree prong, layered prong, double row prong, channel set, four prong, bar set, tiger claw set, pave channel set, center band set, half bezel, round & baguette, princess & baguette, round & princess, oval prong, marquise prong, baguette prong or channel, and princess prong or channel set.

That, is an intense number of choices. While browsing for choices though, be wary of the term eternity being used to signify modified rings i.e. rings that can be resized.

The Cost Involved

Because of the huge number of options available, the price range for eternity bands in New York starts from around $500 to $25000. This price range is applicable throughout all of the United States . A typical three quarter Ct. TW diamond eternity band in size 6 put in 14 carat gold will cost a little less than $2,000. There are other options such as rose gold, yellow gold, two tone gold with different levels of purity. Platinum has also become a popular metal to use. However, it is the size, style and quality of the diamond which determines the complete price of the ring.

Most eternity band stores in New York now have trade-in policies. A few jewelry stores purchase whatever jewelry you’ve got while others will only buy back what was sold from their own store. These stores also state that in case of a trade in, you are required to purchase something worth double the amount of the trade in while others require a fifty percent increase. This can be negotiated depending on the store and the mood of the sales person you talk to.

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