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Benefits of Living in a Small Apartment

by Zuhair (writer), , June 21, 2016

Our society embraces the idea that larger is better, but this isn’t always the case. In fact, some smaller things are far preferable to their oversized counterparts.

It may surprise you to learn that small apartments have many benefits that massive houses cannot compete with. If you’re looking for a new place, here are a few reasons to consider downsizing rather than trading up.

More Affordable Option

Smaller apartments naturally have lower heating and cooling bills because you’re dealing with a smaller space. Vaulted ceilings look great, but they wind up consuming extra energy as you’re conditioning air that’s 12 feet above your head. Small apartments are cozy, and you’re only going to treat the air you’re actually living in. The monthly cost of renting or owning a smaller place is also lower, and the property taxes that go along with them are generally lower. You also won’t have the space to bring in a lot of stuff that you don’t really need or love, so you’ll save money at the stores by reducing your frivolous spending. Since you’re saving money on your monthly living expenses, you’ll have more funds leftover to travel, eat out, enjoy hobbies or buy luxury items.

Fast and Easy to Clean

People marvel at the size of large homes, but these mini-mansions can be a nightmare to clean. The small apartment that’s just big enough for your family is going to be easier to clean, and it will take fewer supplies. You won’t have space to collect and keep a bunch of stuff you really don’t need, so you’ll also have less dusting to deal with. Rather than spending all of your free time trying to clean 3,000 square feet, you can clean your tiny place in record time and go do something else you actually enjoy.

You Will Get Organized

If you’re in a large home, it’s easy to set things down and forget about them. The space is sufficient enough that you may not notice how things are spreading out, and you’ll start spending a good deal of time searching for items you’ve misplaced. With a small home, you’re going to have to develop a place for everything and keep everything in its place. It may take a while to get in this habit, but you’ll soon find that you’re becoming more organized. The items that you need will be easily accessed, and you’ll spend less time searching for something that’s been misplaced.

More Time Together

Move the family into a large home and you may never see each other again. When the kids can spread out and go to different areas of the home plan, they may do just that. In a small place, you’ll naturally wind up the same room together more. You can watch shows as a family, gather together to work on puzzles and just talk about your day. If you’re feeling disconnected from your children, then moving to a smaller place may be the perfect solution.

It’s More Calming

Cozy, smaller spaces are actually calming and cozy. It can be an adjustment as you grow used to keeping everything put away and cut back on unnecessary items. However, you’ll find that your new lifestyle is surprisingly calming. When you aren’t surrounded by extra stuff you don’t need and a ton of space that just needs to cleaned, you can start focusing more on what really matters to you.

Small apartments are more enjoyable than you may think. While conventional wisdom says that bigger is better, this isn’t true when it comes to your living space. With a little organization, you’ll find that you can enjoy a happy and more fiscally responsible life by embracing the concept of the small apartment.

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