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10 Best Unblocked Sports Games

by M Nawasi (writer), , June 18, 2016

Here we go for the school and public libraries all over internet, to Find the coolest games for the student to develop and Increase Mind Activities designed to sort games.

Alright everyone, hustle up. School’s are started again or you are in desperate need of something to do. Probably both. So here’s the solution: we are going to be playing unblocked games. I.e. games that have not been blocked from school or workplace servers and IT networks. Specifically sport games. Why specifically those? Because today’s the day you get to be the jock. Taste it. Love it. Get to it.

In no particular order, here are some of my favourites.

10) Football Heads: 2014-15 La Liga
Big head Real Madrid versus Barcelona 1v1 showdown, anyone? This one took me by surprise. It is a surprisingly competitive game with a lot of fun to be had in the golf swing goal kicks and slow motion football head bump action. There’s also other versions of Football Heads available so you can play in your dream league.

9) Goalkeeper Premier
Okay, talk about low quality. Then talk some more about addictive and crazy challenging. Then you’ve got this game. It’s literally two soccer glove hands moving about at either a much faster or much slower speed than you’re expecting. But if you’ve played this game once you are gonna play it again cause it is actually a ton of fun. Enjoy!

8) Zombie Baseball

This is “Being a bad ass 101”. You’ll get some get practice for your reflexes (which will be your excuse for why you are playing this should your teacher catch you playing this) and get a couple of nice fist pumps in when you get to decapitate a zombie rambling close enough to kiss. Yuck! But that’s the price of base-ball-jocking it up in zombie land with a babe as a pitcher.

7) Pogo Swing
Master the elegant sport of the pogo swing launch in this fun game with a lot of upgrades and a surprisingly high skill requirement if you really want to gain some distance and look good doing it.

6) Stick Basketball
One of two stick games one this list (I am a sucker for a good stick animation), while this game is not particularly challenging, it is a ton of fun to see the super dunks and land those across-the-court shots. Plus, it is majorly satisfying to steal and then dodge those suckers in blue.

5) Sprinter
Sprinter might seem incredibly simple at first glance: just two button are used. But you’ll immediately see the point when you make your first mistake. Prepare for some laugh-out-loud moments and a way bigger challenge than you’ll be expecting.

4) 4x4 Soccer
Oh yeah! Stuff just got real with this cool soccer game where you are driving around with massive SUV crashing and bashing the living daylights out of the opponents. And when you steal the ball? Massive ego boost right there.

3) Bowman 2
Definitely an improvement over Bowman 1, this interesting spin on an arrow shooting game will have you doing brain gymnastics trying to figure just where the hell you need to draw a line to get a stick figure stuck through.

2) Free Run
Parkour is one of the ultimate sports. Though some say it is the French Martial Art of running away. But who cares? Point is, it’s awesome. And now you get to do it in this fast-thinking freerunning game that’s all about timing and reflexes.

1) Electricman 2
Oh man! This brings back good memories. Me and my brother would jam this game for hours. Call it the karateka in me but martial arts is a sport which is why this one is also on the list. Tons of fun and a great challenge to master.

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By simeon versatile on June 29, 2016 at 11:22 pm

Interesting List !

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