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The Latest Marketing Techniques short code Bulk SMS

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Not only the techniques have to be the same but also one should also target the apt audience.

Marketing of anything is a challenging task and it takes on nerves of every entrepreneur. If there are no perfect marketing strategies even the best of best products fail in the market.

Organizations have understood that with proper marketing strategies one can capture mammoth share of market. With change of time, new methods of marketing have emerged and one such is bulk SMS marketing. Here the message is sent across wide range of customers using cell phones. This service has proved to be the most effective and economical method of marketing.

Recently short code Bulk SMS marketing has emerged as the most effective means of marketing. So what is exactly is this short code bulk SMS? It is nothing but an application to pull SMS from the sent SMS from the mobile phones. Basically this technique is generally used for receiving the response or feed back in the marketing campaigns.

Here the numbers are allotted so that they can be remembered very easily. Here the audience can remember and approach the manufacturer inst antly as and when they want. Short code SMS starts from 5 digits and ends in 9 digits like 56767, 5676767. These are shared short codes are allotted to the advertiser along with available keywords so that they can start with their short code SMS campaign.
Say for e.g. the name of your company is “XYZ Ltd.” Then you can create a keyword SMS as “XYZL” and run the campaign. And when the customers send an SMS to 56767 and type “xyzl” with text then one will get all the details in your short code SMS inbox.

Small organizations who cannot afford high investments can opt for sub- keyword SMS on the same short codes with the main keyword like “SEND”, “TYPE” etc.

Short code SMS bulk marketing strategy has carved a niche in the acumen because of its many salient features like:

  1. Unlimited sub- keywords: As you are subscribing for the main keyword, you will also get unlimited sub- keywords.
  2. Complete report: The advertiser will get full report by state wise copy, operator wise copy, number wise report, month wise copy etc.
  3. Dual SMS option: One gets the advantage of two way SMS option – pushing SMS and pulling SMS on the same web panel.
  4. Auto reply: You get advantage of auto reply message.
  5. Free auto reply SMS: You will get one free SMS for sending Auto reply.
  6. Easy retrieval of URL: One can set the URL and retrieve all the short code SMS reports on the specified URL.
  7. Easy retrieval of E—mail: One can set the email and retrieve all the reports on the specified E-mail ID.
  8. Easy retrieval of SMS: After setting the mobile number, one can retrieve all the reports on the specified mobile number.

One needs short code SMS for:

  1. SMS broadcasting.
  2. Exclusive brand recognition.
  3. Availing vanity short codes.
  4. Control and notifying the customers securely

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