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Traditional Indian Sarees for the classic look

As Indians, we can list a number of clothing apparels but the foremost the thing that comes to our mind is the dazzling desi gal in an all too dazzling saree.

Sarees have been in existence like forever and are the epitome of the Indian background. Saree is such a versatile garment that it has survived and evolved through the drastically changing times. You can buy traditional sarees online and join the bandwagon.

Right from the zenith of India is the Jamawar Saree which is from the land of paradise itself i.e. Kashmir. The Jamawar fabric is a really rich and an ethereal textile. Jamawar is derived from the words “Jama” meaning robe and “War” meaning chest or basically the body. It means a yard long robe and in the olden days, this fabric was used to make thick robes and shawls as a protection against the cold weather. This fabric came to Kashmir from Persia and the weavers of this region were so enthralled by this gorgeous material, which they embraced wholeheartedly.

Earlier this fabric became prominent among the royals and the nobles of this region and hence they bought it and wore it as a robe or shawl. Even though Jamawarhas Kashmiri roots, it is woven in Banaras too, wherein the Jamawarbanarasi saree is very famous. Extensive motifs such as flowers, fruits, birds are used to depict the artistry on the fabric. In order to make sure that there are no loose ends on the other side of the fabric, special techniques are used which makes Jamawar silk sarees look different and good as compared to the Banarasi sarees. This saree is so luxurious and lavish that you can’t help but feel like a royal person. Right from the comfort of your home, you can buy this traditional saree online and amp up your wardrobe.

A little further down, from the state of Uttar Pradesh, comes the Chikan saree. The word “chikan” means embroidery and is a traditional style of embroidery from the city of Lucknow in Uttar Pradesh. It is also known as Lakhnavi Chikankari Saree. It is supposed that this style of embroidery was introduced by Queen NurJehan, the wife of Mughal Emperor Jehangir. This technique involves embroidering a white thread on light, pastel shades of muslin or cotton cloths. Although keeping up with the trend different colored threads are used giving off a certain elegance and appeal. The process of chikankari includes design, engraving, block printing, embroidery and washing & finishing.

A traditional saree online act as a blank canvas for weavers, who transpose their unique designs on the fabric, and create beautiful art. Weaving or creating embroidery is a very long and time-consuming process but the end result is simply magnificent and nothing short of magic. Such sarees are very opulent yet classy and refined. Celebrate and embrace the tradition as you shop for traditional sarees online.

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