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10 Tips for Making Oscar Style Interior Design

by lacomfy (writer), Glendale, June 10, 2016

A red carpet, the shine of gold and other gorgeous elements of Oscar ceremonies always attract attention. Here are 10 tips on how you can do it.

A red carpet, the shine of gold and other gorgeous elements of Oscar ceremonies always attract attention. If you wish to add the luxury of the Academy Awards in your home and enjoy it 24/7/365, here are 10 tips on how you can do it.

Generally, all you need is to add several elements to the interior of your home and combine them harmoniously. These tips are perfect for those who like the style of the Academy Awards and want to feel like a star.

Images: Jeffers Design Group

Red-Carpet Chic

A famous red carpet on which stars walk during the ceremony is definitely one of the most memorable items. It is not necessary to buy a red carpet as there are other ways how you can add some red-carpet accents. Generally, red color looks good in any room if combined cleverly with other details. You can add some red items to your room, for instance, lamps, toss pillows, painting, etc. This is an affordable and effective way to add some red-carpet chic to your place. Consider placing a red carpet in your hall as that will always attract attention.

Image: Atmosphere Interior Design

Glamorous Color Combination

Have you ever noticed there is a particular color combination typical for the Academy Awards? Here are several ideas referring to these combinations that you can use in interior design:

  • Black and white;
  • Hues of white;
  • Platinum and coolgrays.

Image: Black Lacquer Design

Shine of Gold

Gold is an ideal color for those wanting a luxurious look in their home. You can find many variations of golden hues and finishes that can be harmoniously mixed. Gold is definitely the nicest metallic color in interior design. Here we offer you several ideas on how to bring the shine of gold to your home:

  • Buy satin or silk curtains or add several golden toss pillows;
  • Create small accents with little details like candle holders and boxes;
  • Find golden tables or lamps;
  • Change your wallpaper to golden ones.

Image: LAComfy Discount Furniture

Sparkle Is Everywhere

No Oscar style would be achieved without a sparkle, and we offer you how to find out what ways are available for your home. It is virtually impossible to add too much of glitz and glamor, so do not stop on little things and add as much sparkle as you wish.

Try to add items made of these materials:

  • Metallicmaterials;
  • Mirrors;
  • Velvet;
  • Lacquers and high-gloss surfaces;
  • Clearacrylic;
  • Silk or satin;
  • Crystal and Glass.

Image: free stock

Faux Fur and Shag

Oscar style is all about wealth, chic and luxury. That is why adding faux fur would enhance the whole appearance of a rich design. You can do anything you wish as it is hard to go overboard here. For instance, you can use plush carpets or rugs and add toss pillows. Not only will you enjoy the luxurious look of your home, but also an inviting and cozy environment.

Image: free stock

Curved Lines

In 1929, the very first Academy Awards ceremony took place, and that was during the Art Deco heyday. Curved lines, the popular feature of Art Deco design, are carried through furniture and architecture of the ceremony. It is pretty easy to add some curved or rounded elements to interior design that will also bring a soft and elegant feel to your place. Here are some ways to add it:

  • Buy seating with rounded arms or curved chairs;
  • Add a round rug or mirror;
  • Add different accessories with rounded edges or oval shapes;
  • Find and purchase oval or round tables;
  • Add patterns with rounded or curvy geometry on toss pillows or wallpapers.

Image: Canadian Home Trends Magazine

Ornate Items

Oscar style has nothing in common with minimalism. You can search for different items that have an extra detail, for instance, glass with carved texture, an interesting pattern on a mirrored surface, or something that has a bold pattern.

Luxurious Bar

Oscar style can also be supplemented with a luxurious bar. Think of a mirrored tray that has your favorite drinks and vintage glasses. Another great way is to make a separate area for a bar. A built-in bar always looks great and rich.

Image: Free stock

Amazing Lighting

Here you want to add nice lamps, chandeliers or sconces. Not only the right lighting is important for adding to your Oscar style interior design, but also for enhancing all details that you have added to your room.

Image: Michael Gainey Signature Designs

Tufting and Buttons

You can find a piece of furniture that has tufting or buttons and that will be the easiest way to bring Oscar style to your home. It is not necessary to buy a massive tufted sofa or bed, but just simple things like a tufted desk chair or ottoman.

You can choose your favorite elements from those mentioned above that are absolutely up to you. It is pretty easy and affordable to make a room that would look luxurious. If you do not want to implement these ideas in your interior design for a long time, you can still use these tips for creating an Oscar atmosphere at a party. A little bit of red and gold, something sparkly will create an outstanding environment in your place for a great entertaining time.

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