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Top 10 Careers for English Majors

by Michael Harred (writer), Orlando, FL, July 26, 2016

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Career for English Majors

Studying English seems like an amazing thing to do – until you find yourself graduating and have no idea what you are going to do with your life.

Students going to medical school end up doctors while those opting for accounting become accountants. What about students going for English majors? Surprisingly, there is a lot for them to choose from. Starting with the classics and all the way to some other interesting choices, English is a versatile major that lets you do many things.

1. The Teaching Career

It’s a fact that the majority of the English majors opt for a teaching career. And why wouldn’t they? If you love working with children, this is probably your heaven. And let’s not forget the long vacation. When most people would work long summer hours during the summer break, you would just sit around and relax, just like in your student days.

2. Translator or Interpreter

If you don’t really like working with children, the second popular choice for people is to go for a translating career. This is especially awesome if you are a bookworm and love to read. You’ll read, translate what you’re reading and get paid for it. This is the sedentary part of the job; if you like moving around more, an interpreter job may be more of the thing for you.

3. Editor

The best part of being an English major is the fact that you are entitled to be a grammar Nazi. You have the skill, the knowledge, and you can use it to fix any hideous parts of bad grammar – and get paid for it as well. What could be more wonderful than that?

4. Novel Writer

If you majored in a creative writing section, then you might be more inclined to opt for a career in writing. If you find yourself itching to hold a pen and write a story, then you already know what you want to do.

5. Freelance Writer and Editor

Many people are looking for freelancers to edit or write their texts. Students all over the world are looking for an online paper writer which will help them with their essays – no matter if it’s fully written or just edited. Plus, it pays pretty well, especially if you are a good writer. So go for it!

6. Journalism

Contrary to popular belief, not all journalists came from a journalism university. The main idea of journalism is to have guts, flair, and good writing. This can be easily learned at an English university, without going through the fancy setup of journalism major. You will, however, need to learn the main principles of journalism before taking up this industry.

7. Technical Writer

A lot of English majors end up being technical writers. This will involve writing a good number of user manuals, instruction books or various other complex technical books that usually accompany a product. Sure, it does involve a fair amount of contract work and yes, it might not be easy to get into the industry. But once you wriggle yourself in, you will realize that apart from being satisfying, it is also high paying.

8. Digital Copywriter

This is where the fun begins. Being a digital copywriter pretty much involves creating banner ads, whitepapers, blog posts, creative social media campaigns, e-books, landing pages, online strategies, travel guides – you’ll be writing texts for all kinds of interesting topics! The best part about this job is that you’ll always have something new to work on.

9. News Reporters

You don’t have to take communication or broadcasting classes to work as a reporter. Many of the people graduating with a humanities degree end up being a news reporter. All you’ll need is a quick reaction, good writing skills and the ability to orally reproduce a text, as clearly as possible.

10. Event Planner

Being an event planner requires social intelligence, communication skills, strong creative abilities and attention to detail. All these can also be learned at a humanities university, and it mostly picks that creative bone of yours.

There are many of majors to choose from. You just have to choose the ones that are most appropriate for you – and that you love. You’ll want to return home happy from your work day, not unhappy.

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