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Why you need a Total Internet Security?

The author has thrown light on one of the most reliable Total security solutions available in the market to provide his readers a full proof protection against the internet threats and malware attacks

To protect the computer system from the viruses as well as the Internet or cyber attacks, total internet security is a must. Internet and virus attacks include attacks from hackers, malware, keyloggers, worms, trojans, spams and adware.

You can purchase many complete Internet security software from the market. According to our research, these are some of the best total security software available on the Internet.

BitDefender Total Security 2016
It is one of the best Internet security software available in the market. It provides flawless protection against every malware, virus, worms and trojans attacks. The best thing about BitDefender total security software is that it does not affect the performance of the system. Many Antivirus software degrades the performance of the PC as they require a lot of computation and logical operations. It comes with ‘Autopilot’ feature by which it adjust itself according to the parameter. Moreover, it provides protection against Ransomware and other cyber threats. It comes with the abundant extra features. The problem with this software is that it is not compatible with Windows XP and Windows Vista.

Kaspersky Total Security 2016
It provides near to best protection to your PC and is more cost effective than the BitDefender Total Security. It provides Sandbox protection for browsing and online transactions. It also comes with unique webcam protection feature which validates your user account by verifying your facial expressions. It comes with additional windows backup software which helps you to generate a backup and keep your data safe. The con in this Antivirus software is that the UI is not well developed. The software could be better organized.

Symantec Norton Security with Backup
Norton security provides excellent malware protection against any intrusion. It comes with exclusive features like password manager which can be used to organize all your password and keep them safe at one location. It comes with multiple user installations and is cheaper than its competitors. It does not come with parental control feature and sometimes makes the computer bit slower while performing the scans.

Sniper Total Security 2016
Sniper Total Security is a combination of internet security, Antivirus and some PC optimization tools that keep the system safe and provide optimization tools for enhancing the performance of the computer. It comes bundled with advanced security features like Parental control and Internet protection. One of the best features of the Antivirus system is the real-time protection mechanism which keeps an eye on the system when a file is modified and executed thereby providing the PC a bulletproof security system.

Trend Micro Internet Security 2016
It comes with strong privacy features and specialized Ransomware protection mechanism. It provides 24*7 payable consumer tech support. It has a perfect record for stopping malware intrusions. But sometimes it makes the computer laggy during virus scans.

It is recommended to download and use a Total Internet Security software if you are connected to the Internet. Moreover, an Antivirus or Internet security cannot provide your system hundred percent protection. Some measures should be taken by the user to safeguard his computer system from various virus attacks.

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