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5 Good Reasons why You Need a Reverse Call Lookup Service

by Zuhair (writer), , June 07, 2016

Wikipedia defines a reverse lookup as a process whereby you take a phone number and use it to find the identity of the caller.

You can use the caller’s phone number to find his/her name, as well as her/his address. At times, you may need to go a bit further and establish the person’s background in terms of criminal history, public record history, credit history, or tenancy history. While there are numerous reasons why anyone might have a phone number and needs to identify a certain individual or company, most of the reasons why people need a reverse call look up service will fall under four categories.

Nuisance Calls and Stalkers

Forbes claims that one of the major reasons why a reverse call lookup service might be helpful to you is that you can use it to avoid callers that often disturb you for no apparent reason. You can also use the service to avoid having to deal with people who are stalking you on phone. These might be your ex-boyfriend or girlfriend, or just about anyone else who cannot stomach the fact that you don’t want anything to do with him/her. With a reverse call lookup, you can simply take a phone number that you have realized that it belongs to a stalker or an irritating caller and use it to find the caller’s address or name. After establishing the person’s name and address, you can take the necessary legal actions to prevent that person from calling you in the future by forwarding the name to the police.

Annoying or Repeated Survey, Sales or Charity Callers

Ariel from Reverse Phone Hookup observes that telemarketing firms, charity callers, and persistent phone survey firms can at times be very annoying. Luckily, thanks to the reverse call lookup, these irritating callers will not bother you again. You only need to delete your phone details on public directories and you will not have to deal with such annoying callers ever again. When performing a reverse phone lookup, you have several options at your disposal. Various websites will offer a nationwide search, but others will only offer a specialized search that is usually confined to a specific state or area. When you compare the cost of hiring a private investigator, you will find that a reverse call lookup is a lot cheaper and timesaving. With such a service, you don’t have to deal with phone survey firms, irritating salespersons, and charity callers that you are actually not interested in at all. You will be in a better position to select who you want or feel like talking to.

Finding Lost Friends, Loved Ones and Family Members

The other reason why a reverse call lookup service can be helpful is that you can use the service when trying to find a lost friend, a lost loved one, or a lost family member. It is likely that most people are not aware of the fact that it is possible to legally and very easily perform a reverse call lookup on a specific line and acquire the name, address, as well as other relevant information relating to a strange missed call that appears on your line. Thanks to the availability of reverse phone directories, you can stop worrying about calling people back when you are not too sure of the identity of the caller. You might find that the missed call is coming from a lost friend or loved one that has your phone number and he/she is trying to find you. With a reverse call lookup service, you can easily obtain the address and caller ID of the person. This will help you to establish if you are familiar with the person.

Avoid Scams

According to Kashmir Hill A reverse call lookup service can also help you to avoid premium pricing fraudsters and scams whereby if you decide to call the number back, you get to be charged a steep fee. In some instances, you may want to find out about the company’s address or the person’s name in order to file a complaint or take the necessary legal action. The fact that a reverse call lookup service is easy to use, accurate, and offers searches, reports, and customer support means that you can easily trace scammers. You can easily order and access reports on your call activity. The service comes with a customer support desk that offers a variety of contact techniques. Additionally, the service often comes with reverse-number searching and reverse-address searching. All these features make it easy to trace a caller. In addition, the service enables you to obtain well-documented and accurate reports that you can present to law enforcement officials as evidence when filing a complaint.

Conducting Background Checks

The other reason why a reverse call lookup service can be helpful is that you can use it to conduct background checks on potential employees, and prospective tenants. If you have a business and you are hiring, you can use the service to acquire additional information about a potential employee. Similarly, you can use it to do a background check on a prospective business partner. As a property owner, you can use the service to check the tenancy history of a prospective tenant. Such background checks can come in handy and help you to avoid dealing with unscrupulous or potentially dangerous individuals in your business or property.

In summary, a reverse call lookup service is a great tool in many ways. It can be helpful when it comes to avoiding nuisance callers and stalkers. Secondly, the service can be used to prevent annoying and repeated salespersons, phone survey companies, and potentially fraudulent charity callers. Thirdly, the service can be very helpful when you are trying to find a lost friend, a lost family member, or a lost loved one. The other reason why these services are useful is that you can use the service to avoid and prosecute fraudsters and scammers. Lastly, reverse call lookup services can come in handy when you want to conduct background checks on potential employees, and tenants. Overall, the service not only enhances convenience, but also security.

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