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How to Present Development action plan?

by joeanderson (writer), coral springs, June 07, 2016

You must set yourself a deadline by which to have completed your actions - and stick to it

To produce a development plan, simply follow the below mentioned points:

Set a deadline
You must set yourself a deadline by which to have completed your actions - and stick to it. If you do not, there is always something that needs doing instead, and you will suddenly find that it is two years down the road, you have done nothing, and as a result someone else has been selected for promotion. Remember, it is up to you to develop yourself: no one else will do it; a good boss may help, but in the end it is up to you.

Write out exactly what the skill is that you need to improve. This may be “need to take more care in delegating to more experienced staff - tend to use the wrong style - too controlling.”

Write out the steps you need to take to improve this in the “actions by you” section. This may include actions such as: fully assessing an appropriate delegation style before giving out jobs, attending a training seminar, completing a team skills summary to see who can do what, holding meetings with team members to discuss their views on taking on more responsibilities, or seeking a mentor. Each action you undertake should fit in with a specific area that needs improving. It may not just relate to time at work - you could benefit by reading a book on an appropriate area in your spare time as well.

Write down whether your boss or organization could help you to improve in this area. Put in a “to be completed/ achieved by” date.

Development needs
Development needs should include technical training, management competencies, and any skills you may need to develop for the future. You may find that the “development needs” action plan tends to identify improvements that may take some months to be effective. To keep you motivated to develop yourself, you should try to achieve something as quickly as possible. You may find the format below useful in this. It is an Immediate Action Plan - something to implement right away.

If you can find at least five improvement actions to take immediately, then both you and the team will show an immediate benefit. The team will be more motivated and encouraged by your improvement. Do not delay; do it today - an old phrase, but still true. Learn more about development action plan only at the University Canada West, one of the best universities in Canada, offering various business and management related programs.

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