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Benefits of Dark Chocolates that you didn’t know before

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The chocolates having higher content of cocoa powder is termed as dark chocolate which is a bit bitter than the normal milk chocolates.

Now it is proved that dark chocolates contain a better level of antioxidants, therefore, it has gained prominence in world market. Buy dark chocolates online in India and present your loved ones with something healthier.

Here are a few benefits of dark chocolate consumption. Read it and aid yourself and your loved ones.

1.Just 10 grams of dark chocolate is like 30 calories of your daily diet which would help you to keep away from all kind of heart problems. It lowers the blood pressure and improves blood lipids. But remember not to overdo the recommended dosage or else you may grow fatter.

2.Happiness is just a bite of dark chocolate away from you. It is believed that chocolate – be it any kind but especially dark ones are the best stress relief agents. Dark chocolates contain lots of antioxidants like Flavonoids that keeps the pollution of the environment causing stress at check. The sensation of dark chocolate melting in mouth is something that makes you feel that the sadness of your life is also being washed.

3.The mentioned antioxidants present in dark chocolates reduces the chance of blood clot by ensuring good blood circulation. Not only that these dark version of chocolates having high cocoa powder content prevents bad cholesterol from accumulating in the blood vessels.

4.When you are feeling hungry at the middle of the night or at any time and do not want to prepare any food – you can very well go with a diet of fruits, yoghurt, and dark chocolates. Instead of junks chocolates are better in keeping your tummy full.

5.Dark chocolates are generally bitter in taste and it would take some time for your taste buds to adapt to it. Most of the companies claim chocolates to be dark chocolates but they contain at least 60% of sugar and you should refrain from consuming them. Because they are not as healthy as the real dark chocolates.

6.A good amount of fiber is present in dark chocolates regulates bowel movements, lowers cholesterol level and sugar levels. The Iron present in dark chocolates helps in transportation of oxygen to the rest of the body. Therefore, dark chocolate helps in maintaining the skin, nail, and hair.

7.Apart from all these, dark chocolates helps in reducing insulin resistance which is a common risk factor for diabetics

8.All the women out there, a good news lies for you – consumption of dark chocolate helps in reducing the dryness of skin. Prepare a face scrub by mixing chocolate, olive oil and sugar and apply it all over your body and scrub it and this will remove all the dead cells making your face glow like never before.

Therefore buy dark chocolates online in India and gift your near and dear ones with something that is filled with goodness.

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