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5 steps to a perfect wedding

by AnaG (writer), Belgrade, Serbia, May 31, 2016

Who knew wedding planning can be so much fun?

Who doesn't want a perfect and unique wedding, right? But planning it involves endless stress, family drama, deadlines and way too much details. But on the other hand, you (should) always remember just the good...and funny things! You just won't believe how much fun planning a wedding can be! That’s why we revealed the fun facts behind all the wedding planning steps to help you make the most of it! Yes, these are the facts you won't read in the magazine guides and checklists but they will certainly help you to overcome all the stress...and „always look on the bright side of life“!


You've probably heard so many times the expression "Who gives this woman away?" , but ever wondered does this ancient tradition have the same meaning today?

In ancient times a female child was actually a property of her father so when a groom asks to marry her, the father “transfers his ownership“ and control over her possessions. So when a father places the groom's on the bride's hand it is a symbol of “passing the property“. Not a bit romantic, right? At least nowadays when a father gives his daughter's hand it is quite romantic, since it is a form of a blessing, not only by a father but more often from both of the parents. But just a minority of the grooms still respect this tradition, around 15% of them. In the 1960's this number went up to 47%...but, were they all really just romantic or just “traders“?!


Proposing on a bended knee is still one of the common ways to pop the question. The meaning behind it is that the person kneeing is opening themselves completely to another one, also it is a form of goodwill and honor. Most of the grooms still do knee while proposing, actually 77% of them. More than that, a majority of 65% of women say it is essential to propose on bended knee. But even more, around 88% feel that the „surprise factor“ is most important when proposing! So guys, do your homework well, be creative and get down on your knee! But don’t do it on a sporting event since just 9% of women would love that...

Ah, yes, you will need a ring first – 97% women think that proposing without a ring is the biggest engagement faux a guy can make! You should hurry up because on average it takes 3 months to find the right one. However, good gentleman manners say that a man should spend three times more than his average salary on a ring! Too scared? Don't be, more than 85% brides say they really loved the way they were proposed...what a relief!


Most couples view between 5 and 7 venues before they find the perfect one. Wondering where are most receptions held? 39% is in favor of banquet halls or hotel ballrooms, some couples prefer outdoor venues, actually 16% of them, but unusual places like castles, beaches and stretch tents are popular as well. Think that is unusual?! How about couples that got married in the submarine, airplane, parachute, cave or cinema?! The statistics show that every year the percentage of couples choosing “weird” venues raises up to 8%.

Cool, right? But what to eat on your “cool” menu? Red velvet cake and classic Victoria sponge with raspberry jam are the favorite cake fillings on most of the weddings, but if you want to be unique, here are the most unexpected menu ideas (that guest actually ADORED): nicely served cookies&milk (yummy right?), personal pizzas, chicken&waffles, assorted popcorn and a big doughnut cake as a dessert in the end!


Ah yes, there's much more to wedding invitations than a plain card in an envelope, actually creating a perfect one is a kind of art! The most used text on the invitations is “The honour of your presence is requested at the wedding of…”- do you notice something wrong? “Honour” is spelled with an extra “u” that comes from a ruling laid dawn by Emily Post back in the 1922. Wondered how invitations were sent back in the 1447? In England for example, weddings were announced by means of a Town Crier. If you want to be old school and print your cards, be aware that on average couples spend 331$ on their invitations. If you want to save a bit or just to be unique create your own customized invitations by using a simple website builder that has wedding templates included that has wedding templates included. Since nowadays tools are quite simple to use, just focus on creating the perfect text! For example, instead of a traditional “honour” sentence, use “Can you handle it?!”.


You should really make the shopping of your wedding gown less traumatic! Statistics show that brides decide on their wedding dress about 11-12 months before the wedding itself and an average bride chooses the third one she tried out. Social networks play a big role even in this step – 62% brides use Pinterest and Instagram for inspiration and a big amount of them, 30% do actually buy their dresses online. Just 1% find their perfect wedding dresses on a sample sale and save their budget, since the average wedding dress costs 1,355 $. Expensive? Prepare an extra 200$ for a standard headpiece. By the way, the world’s most longest headpiece was 1.83 miles! Have fun and skip the classic white dress (which was first worn by Queen Victoria in 1840) and chose a colorful dress like 14% of the brides nowadays.


Take a deep breath and just enjoy! Like we said, make the most of your wedding not only by having a perfect one, but more important – by having as much fun as possible! And finally, like 88% of couples, jet-off to your honeymoon and relax.

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